AIM NIFT 2022 (All India Mock Test) - Know Where You Stand

Test Series Overview:

All NIFT 2022 aspirants have been working hard towards cracking the exam, however, everyone is unaware of their level of preparation compared with their peer group.

DQ Labs NIFT 2022 AIM Mock Test series is a 2 set mock test which happens on Sunday & Thursday before the exam. It will help you know where you stand and take remedial actions to maximize your performance over the coming weeks.

The All India Mock Test (AIM) NIFT 2022 series is on the dates mentioned below. This series is free from 4:00 pm onwards (Today & 3rd February 2022)

AIM NIFT 2022 Mock Test 1
Mock Test 2
Mock Test Date
30th Jan 2022
3rd Feb 2022
Timing 4 pm to 7 pm 4 pm to 7 pm

Find out how you can

  1. Get Invited to take this test series worth Rs. 10,000/-
  2. Get Peer Feedback on your sketches
  3. Rate your Peer Sketches
  4. Get a clear Aptitude Study Plan on what you need to focus on before the exam
  5. Get a personalized interaction with DQ Labs expert faculty
  6. Earn Micro Scholarships when you apply to Private Fashion schools

1. How to get an invite to take the AIM NIFT 2022 Test Series?

The objective of attending this test is to understand possible formats of NIFT 2022 and assess your performance in comparison with the actual NIFT 2022 test takers across India.

Create an account on DQ Edge to attend the free mock test Attend Free NIFT AIM 2022 Mock Test

The test series is totally free from 4:00 pm onwards (Today & 3rd February 2022)

2. Get Peer Feedback on your sketches & Rate your own Sketch

Once you complete both sections you are expected to critically evaluate your own work. You can get access to Peer Feedback as well. Share your work with your peer group and ask them to rate & comment on your sketches.

3. Rate your Peer Sketches

It is important for you to rate your peer sketches for the following reasons:

  1. You start understanding the expectations of a faculty who is correcting your sketches
  2. You start understanding the objective of what is asked in each question
  3. You are exposed to more ideas on how to approach the same question

Please remember to keep your comments constructive - i.e. positive feedback (what you liked) and suggestions for improvement (wherever necessary).

4. Get a clear Study Plan on what you need to focus on before the exam

Aptitude is very challenging - The syllabus is ambiguous and unstructured. Get a personal study plan with a clear strategy -

  • Red Cards - Priority topics
  • Yellow Cards - Scoring topics
  • Green Cards - Mastered topics

When you take the test, you need to ensure that you choose the right coloured buttons which captures your ‘Answering Approach’

  • Green Button - If you use Logic / Knowledge / Formula to drive your answer
  • Yellow Button - If you use elimination of answer choices as an approach
  • Red Button - If you are guessing the answer

If you use this strategy, then you will get a more accurate study plan.

5. Get a personalized interaction with DQ Labs expert faculty

Some aspirants may want an online review of their work with an experienced faculty. This requires a DQ Labs faculty to spend a maximum of 15 minutes for personal feedback. This is a chargeable service @ Rs. 500/- per session.

7. Earn Micro Scholarships when you apply to Private Design schools

To support our students and encourage them to put in more effort, DQ Labs is offering Micro Scholarships to a list of 'Select Design & Fashion Schools' which you may consider. The current list is below.

Sl. No College Name City
College Application Links 2022
UnitedWorld Institute of Design (UID)
Apply here
Indian School of Design & Innovation (ISDI)
Apply here
Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD)
New Delhi
Apply here
Pearl Academy
Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai
Apply here
ITM Institute of Design & Media (ITM IDM)
Apply here
The D-School, Jain university
Apply here

Those who use DQ Edge based on your XP points in DQ Edge, you will get the following Micro Scholarship on your Application Form Fee:

  1. Above 10,000 XP Points - 50%
  2. Below 10,000 XP Points - 25%

How to Qualify for the Micro Scholarship:

  1. Use ONLY the Application Form links in the list provided
  2. You need to complete the form fill and pay the complete FEE to the institute
  3. Fill this form Micro Scholarship Form , our team will confirm if you qualify for the Micro Scholarship

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