About Anant National University

Anant National University, India's first design university, is located in a lush green campus in Ahmedabad. It is committed to nurturing Solutionaries, revolutionary thinkers with solution-oriented mindset. The academic experience at the university focusses on developing the self, while simultaneously building domain expertise and providing industry exposure.


To become one of the top universities in India by 2025, leading in the fields of design, built habitat and sustainability, reputed for its Indian roots and global standing.


To prepare and empower Solutionaries who design, build and implement equitable and sustainable solutions for India and the world.


AnantU philosophy presents design as a solution to the challenges of humanity. It underlines the contribution of heart, head and hand as symbols of attitude, knowledge and skills towards making the solution elegant and sustainable.

Heart: This represents a meaningful engagement with issues that make us human and is reflected in activities, projects and initiatives related to sustainability, climate change, poverty alleviation, heritage conservation, rural livelihoods, etc.

Head: This represents a deep engagement with the cognitive component of design reflected in extensive theoretical inputs through seminar courses besides on interdisciplinary approach to design education.

Hand: This represents activities that are carried out by our hands and emphasises that idea that dirtying our hands is necessary to learn and grow. It is evidenced in activities at Makerspace, studio-based courses and in the institutional culture of learning by doing.

The University has taken steps to integrate the New Education Policy 2020 into the curriculum and pedagogy. AnantU aspires to become a site for excellence by fostering interdisciplinary programmes building on its multidisciplinary course offerings. AnantU aims to deliver an inclusive pedagogy that is socially engaged. The growth will be relevant, innovative and inspirational. AnantU hopes to balance the role of conceptual and applied research in improving practice and making it contextual.

Programmes offered at Anant University:

1. Bachelor of Design (B. Des)

A comprehensive undergraduate programme that makes students future-ready and trains them to create innovative and sustainable life. The programme combines solid design foundations with real-life projects to take on the world’s complex, fast-changing and unpredictable design challenges.

Anant National University offers various specializations in B.Design as depicted below -

  1. Communication Design
  2. Interaction Design
  3. Product Design
  4. Space Design
  5. Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design
  6. Transdisciplinary Design
  7. Moving Image

Course Duration: 4 years

2. Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)

The programme nurtures reflective and critical attitudes to generate aware and responsible practitioners who shape meaningful relationships between people and their environment. The emphasis is to create solutionaries who would enhance the quality of life and instil respect for diversity, equity, and ethical behaviour to ground the practices in human values while addressing issues of society through responsible architecture. The school seeks to develop new ways of thinking in an increasingly complex and competitive field.

Course Duration: 5 years

3. Bachelor of Visual Arts

The programme has a sustained focus on creative practice and critical thinking through a transdisciplinary arts curriculum. The courses focus on fundamental principles, material understanding and inculcating dialogic skills. Drawing knowledge from various traditional arts, crafts and contemporary art practices, the programme explores the transformative potential of arts in the immediate world.

Course Duration: 4 years

4. Masters of Design (M. Design)

The postgraduate programmes offer a diverse set of design curricula, opportunities to study and work with peers from distinct backgrounds. It encourages to explore multiple perspectives within an interdisciplinary context. The programmes present the right balance of theory, praxis and industry engagement through classes structured around presentations, case-study discussions and real-life projects. Anant National University offers various specializations in M. Design as depicted below

  1. Integrated Product Design
  2. Urban Design and Development

Course Duration: 2 years

5. Masters of Architecture (M. Arch)

The master’s programme offers the students a critical lens to redefine and reimagine architecture as a synergy of history, theory and practice.

It aims to bridge the gap between theoretical precedents and practice in architecture. It is a constructive, collaborative, reflective, and inquiry-based course allowing students to speculate theories

It encourages the exploration of new ways in architectural thinking, develops pioneering design projects, and redefines forms of architectural practice and research.

Course Duration: 2 years

Important dates for 2022 intake and Admission process


Application opens: 1st November 2021

Application closes: 24th July 2022

DET Mock Test: 26th July 2022

Design Entrance Test: 27th July2022

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