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Choosing an Architecture/Design School

With so many options to choose from, selecting an Architecture or Design School is no cake walk. There are about 450 Architecture schools and around than 40 Premiere Design Schools across India. How does one choose the best?

Architects & Designers are expected to have significant Observation Skills, Creative Skills, Eye for Detail & Technical Skills. They are expected to go beyond the realms of the ordinary and think beyond what is possible. This article gives you a guideline of what to look out for when you choose a School. At the outset, there are 5 critical parameters that we look out for.

  1. Faculty/Philosophy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Brand Name
  4. Competition
  5. Location

Architecture & Design school programs are broadly structured by the Heads of the institutes. They give direction, impart values and ensure that every student is given holistic attention. The experience, philosophy and academic vision of the department head must be a critical part of choosing your college. The supporting faculty consists of Architects, Designers, Artists etc. Their academic expertise significantly molds each student into a crafted architect.

Strong faculty always

  1. Ensures their students participate in and organize competitions and events.
  2. Invites well accomplished guest faculty for workshops and discussions.
  3. Ensures that students travel and are exposed to a range of architecture styles–Indian & Global

The more exposure a student gets, the better the outcome of their work. Some of the new colleges are investing in top notch faculty to get the best exposure for their students! They have architects from top universities, design faculty from NIDs & IITs and artists from top fine arts colleges across India.


Creative Education requires a support structure & creative environment to aid to world class learning. institutes to have access to the latest equipment, software and globalized teaching methodologies. Some schools with shared campuses give students the opportunity to utilize the maker spaces and also create projects along with students of other schools in their campuses. This creates a more focussed curriculum and creative environment for students of architecture. This is beneficial for students. There are always exceptions. Some schools with shared campuses give students the opportunity to utilize the maker spaces and also create projects along with students of other schools in their campuses.

Brand Name

A brand is not built in a day. A brand is built on the founding vision, values and commitment to quality education. With these, institutes not only produce employees for industry, but leaders who can work independently and with focus. For industry, partnering with a branded institute makes it much easier to get a quality workforce. It is important for students to consider a brand with a strong heritage in quality education.


Creative Education is all about learning from peers, seniors & juniors. Cross functional learning & Exposure is key. The tougher the competition to get into a school, the better the quality of learning from peers. The competition to get in to a school, sets the foundation for the future network students are going to need!.


The location of an institute is not necessarily the most important factor, but definitely helps in many ways. Institutes located in metro cities can help gain access to more frequent visiting faculty and industry interaction. This is also a personal decision for many students – as living in metro cities, travelling is a challenge. Selecting an institute near you helps limit the travel time and focus more on projects and submissions. Having said that, there are institutes which are not located in metros but are still able to attract faculty of International repute and recognition. These institutes work tremendously towards providing quality education.

List of Architecture & Design Colleges

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