The Design Exploration Program (DEEP) is a unique workshop designed and supervised by professionals from IIT, NID and NIFT. This program is designed to help children studying in class 7 – 12 to channel their creativity and explore careers in Design, Fashion and Architecture. 

This high value program helps children to learn and apply Design Thinking, Problem Solving, & Creative Thinking through 15 hands-on projects. It also includes 3 visits to Design, Fashion & Architecture Schools. The student also develops their first portfolio of all the work that they have done during the program. The course culminates with a personal career counseling session between the student, parents, and the DQ Design team revolving around the career potential of the student. Students may register for this workshop during the summer camp batch in April-May / during the weekend batches through the year.

The skill sets that they would acquire at the end of the program are:

Problem Identification


Discussion of Ideas

Concept Development


Documentation & Presentation


The primary objective of DEEP is for the student to gain absolute clarity if a creative career is right for them or not. This helps the parent and the student to invest their time, effort & money in the right direction and achieve their career goals faster. The objective is achieved by the following:

Introduce various opportunities in the field of Design, Fashion and Architecture

Help students think and design like designers do

Expose students to design thinking and process

Introduce students to famous designers and design schools

Identify and recognize creative talent


This program is ideal for students who express creativity through painting, sketching, drawing, art, craft work, model making, creative writing, poetry, singing, dancing, music and more. The participants are not expected to have excellent art or sketching skills – these skills are taught to them during the program. The primary focus is to help them generate, express their ideas and solve problems using basic art as a skill. The basic art classes are included in this workshop.

The program helps your child discover how their creative skills can open the doors to an exciting career in Design, Fashion or Architecture.

A clearer idea on their career brings clarity and helps your child focus better on their school studies.

This removes uncertainty regarding streams to follow post school and results in a happier and more enthusiastic child


We pick the best ideas from each of our students and develop them further with the help of the DQ Design team to highlight their true potential.

Poster Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Jewellery Design
Shoe Design
Shelter Design


Course Fee: Rs 20,000 + 18% GST

Summer program - Batch 1: 19th May to 31st May 2024 (Only at Indiranagar) ; 8 Sundays Program - Batch 2: 9th June to 28th July 2024 (All centers including Mangalore)

3 visits to Design, Fashion and Architecture schools

1 interaction with parents

1 exhibition

Location: Offline at Indiranagar

DEEP Class Schedule - Summer Camp Batch

Let every child make best use of their summer vacation with the most productive activities.
The schedule of the summer camp batch is listed below
DEEP Schedule April 2024

Introduction to Design, Relevance & Program Overview. Focus on Apparel Design, Logo Design, Furniture Design, and Jewellery Design.

Stop Motion Animation, Interior Design, Bag Design & Photography Design and an Industrial Interaction

Introduces Exhibition Design, Shoe Design, Game Design, Shelter Design, Character Design and includes an Industrial Interaction

Introduces Poster / Book Cover Design, Automotive Design, and Presentation of student’s work.


DQ labs will host an exhibition in the second week of June which will showcase the work of the talented students and their efforts over the four weeks.


Photo Gallery


Founded by architects and designers from IIT, DQ Labs aims to nurture creative minds through meticulous and professional guidance to explore opportunities and realize successful careers in the field of Design, Fashion and Architecture.

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