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Lifestyle Accessory Design is a discipline under design which creates accessories such as hats, jewellery, scarves, belts, handbags, and watches; all of the small details that complete a fashionable outfit. Jewellery and leather designing are a part of accessory designing. Fashion incorporates more than just clothes to create a trendy look. It relates to people’s way of living and the products they interact with, which form an important basis of their day- to-day lives. Focusing on personal and space accessories and products, it offers a strong multi-disciplinary edge wherein the students get an opportunity to work in a wide spectrum of domains such as jewellery; watches; bags; luggage; footwear; lighting; furniture, space accessories and interior objects; trend research; and colours, materials and trims for white goods and automobile interiors. The students are encouraged to build emotive connect and conceptual experiences for the consumers through the products they create.

Skills / Processes:

Lifestyle accessory design is a creative course dealing with designing and creation of accessories which are aesthetic, functional or both. Expeditious globalization has created vivacity and variety in accessory, imbibing multi-cultural design ideas, which is a mark of luxury. By its virtue such a program involves research and understanding of materials, process and methodology of making. The modules of lifestyle accessory design course enriches the creative ability, design aptitude and perception of students. The contemporary approach in teaching, workshops, visits, studio based demonstrations, seminars and group presentations unleashes the hidden talent of young minds.

Career Opportunities:

A career in accessory design is remunerative, like Fashion designers, accessory designers must have knowledge of the past, current and possible future trends. Catering to consumers of different age groups and understanding what works well with various outfits. Most designers make rough sketches on paper to decide on the structure and blueprint of the bracelets, necklaces, belts, handbags and scarves, once this is done they work towards the prototype. The process of all this may take weeks and months, until the item actually comes into being. Well known accessory designers like Farah Khan have designed for Swarovkski, Shubbhra Chadda the founder of Chumbak. Other foreign accessory designers you might have heard of are Jimmy Choo, Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella Mcartney.

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