Fashion Management

Fashion Management

Fashion management oversees the marketing, merchandising, and retail of fashion products as well as the development of brand awareness and image among the general public.

This also applies to the organisation, planning, and marketing of a fashion firm.

Students who enrol in a fashion management course are required to strengthen their leadership and managerial abilities specifically in the fashion, lifestyle, retail, and garment export industries.

Students gain the expertise and information necessary to succeed as leaders and top managers in the fashion business through a fashion management programme.

Skills & Processes

The nature of the fashion industry and the company's goals, objectives, and aim will determine the job description for the fashion management position.

However, sourcing, merchandising, retail, and knowing both international and domestic business and design processes are all part of fashion management duties.

They get an awareness of diverse fashion business practises, fashion management techniques, trends, and fashion company operations by participating in numerous field trips and industry visits.

They must be capable of managing risk and possess decision-making techniques that keep the company's business in the forefront. They also need to be resilient in their decision-making.

Additionally, they need to be capable of networking and offering solutions to issues.

Career Opportunities:

With 45 million employees working for domestic fashion apparel manufacturers and organised retail, the rapidly growing fashion industry is a significant employment provider.

Managers or Merchandisers at Fashion Retail Stores, Buyers or Sourcing Agents in Buying Offices, Export Merchandisers, and Brand Managers are among the positions that are in high demand.

Potential Employers

99 Designs

Abhishek Indus


Aditya Birla

AE Outfiltters

Fashion Management Schools to Consider

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