Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology

The study of fabric types and suitability is said to be the primary emphasis of the field of fashion technology.

Fashion technology is the study of numerous types of fabric and the selection of the best cloth for the finished product.

Fashion technologists work with fabrics.

They research a wide range of items, including leather, fur, metals, and plastics, as well as synthetic and natural fibres.

Additionally, they conduct quality control tests and source materials or textiles that are appropriate for the job.

Skills & Processes

The person who practises fashion technology makes clothes.

The technical abilities required include pattern making, cutting, and garment production.

The practitioner may operate in a variety of industries, although they frequently work for themselves on commissioned projects, in the retail manufacturing industry, or sample clothing for production.

As a result, they must be business savvy and have excellent interpersonal skills while working with clients.

Excellent sales and customer service abilities are essential.

The practitioner must comprehend the needs of the customer and be able to provide pertinent professional advise while understanding the vision for the finished project because some work is frequently commissioned for significant events.

Customer instructions must be correctly comprehended and carried out.

The practitioner must possess in-depth knowledge of efficient sourcing, purchasing, handling, and storage of all resources. They also need to show respect for the raw materials they use.

Budgets, ethics, and sustainability are all important factors to take into account while sourcing supplies and choosing subcontractors.

A garment's design involves originality, inventiveness, and artistic and design skills that combine beauty and functionality.

The practitioner must use both technique and the philosophy and rules of composition, including design principles and elements.

He or she is frequently imaginative and creative, has a keen sense of fashion, and is able to develop clothes that are both attractive and useful for their intended use.

Furthermore, it's crucial to have a full understanding of how to handle specialised equipment.

High level technical proficiency in patternmaking and building methods is another prerequisite.

Career Opportunities:

Career opportunities in Fashion Technology include the following:

  1. Fashion Designing
  2. Textile Designing
  3. Apparel Merchandising
  4. Fashion Journalism & Presentation

Potential Employers


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Arvind Mills


Bombay Rayon

Fashion Technology Schools to Consider

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