Leather Design

Leather Design

Leather Designing is one of the most rapidly growing fields within the umbrella field of Fashion Designing in India. Leather goods manufactured in India, such as bags, shoes and belts are in high demand in India as well as in the international market. These are, hence, extensively exported. Designing products using leather is a challenging task, and hence an individual aiming to make this their career must take care of their health and also be high on stamina, as their job requires a lot of physical work.

Skills / Processes:

The leather design programme is highly structured and focuses on developing a holistic professional to meet the human resource requirement of the leather industry. It emphasises on the integration of design concepts with material knowledge to respond to the requirements of specific target markets. The specialisation aims at nurturing social values while shaping the competitive and entrepreneurial spirit of students. Exposure to the industry through field trips, tannery training, industry internship and graduation projects are an integral part of the curriculum.

Career Opportunities:

Leather Design graduates have opportunities in areas of Fashion business as Designers, Merchandisers, Range Developers, Buyers, Production Managers and Entrepreneurs. The Target industries include Export and Domestic Manufacturing, Retail, Buying and Sourcing and many more. This discipline is unique in terms of its structure and finds extensive applications in the fashion footwear and accessories industry. It focuses on an integrated design perspective within the ambit of industry requirements. Keeping in view the needs of the industry and the nature of the field which requires evolving with changing times, the programme encompasses areas of leather garments, fashion goods, personal lifestyle accessories and footwear.

With the enormous increase in demand of Indian leather in and outside India, more and more qualified designers in this particular field are being required. Leather designing caters to the various needs of the leather industry, be it goods or apparels. Variety of leather products ranging from footwear to belts, upholstery to bags etc, are available. Leather industry now requires trained designers, merchandisers, etc to meet both national and international standards.

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