Creative Career Seminar

Creative career

Creative Career Seminar for class 8th, 9th 10th, 11th & 12th graders and their parents. A great opportunity to know learn about Careers in Architecture, Fashion and Design directly from Industry professionals !!

Design Exploration Program


The Design Exploration Program (DEEP) is a one of a kind program designed and supervised by professionals from IIT, NID and NIFT to help children studying in class 7 to 12 channel their creativity and explore careers in Architecture, Design and Fashion.

Digital Design Program

Do you have great ideas in your mind but are unable to communicate them to the outside world? Learn Digital software to communicate your ideas more fluently and professionally. You will learn Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch up. Digital Design Program Helps you learn the digital tools to make cool digital graphics. You can start creating a professional portfolio of your personal work as well.

Design Sketching Program

Design Sketching

  1. Fluency in communication of ideas
  2. Instant idea representation
  3. Sketches are understood by every one easily
  4. Impress your influencers / clients
  5. Must skill for an asiring Designer, Architect, fashion stylist or any one in the creativity and construction bussiness

Learn with Doodles

Learn with Doodles

Learn with doodles™ is a proprietary learning methodology developed by 2 IITians, that empowers learners to tap into their creative potential to learn and express a new concept by means of doodles. This proprietary methodology tremendously improves the imagination power of learners, pushes their creativity to the limits, encourages learners to understand the basic fundamentals of the concepts they are learning and come up with very interesting innovative concept expressions. This proprietary learning method is not only fun, it lights up the enthusiasm of the learners, increasing their curiosity to learn more.

The Learn with doodles™ outcomes are validated by expert teachers to ensure the science fundamentals are correct.

The learners are also trained to master the art of doodling and expressing them through short videos. This adds to their professional skill set of visual communication and empowers them to be master communicators.

Learn with Doodles is found to be super addictive for the learners, enhancing their retention by 400% and learning enthusiasm by 800%. This makes the learners active creators rather than passive media consumers.

Learn with doodles™ methodology can be applied to any subject matter for in depth learning.

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