NIFT PG All India Monthly Mocktests

There is nothing like a mock test to check how well you have prepared for the NIFT PG entrance exam.

Planned by an expert faculty in the current entrance exam format, our NIFT PG mock papers will let you know how well you have prepared and even provide you with an accurate All India Rank based on your performance.

You will then know your strengths and weakness and the areas in which you have to focus more.

The monthly NIFT PG mock tests are FREE and are ideal for NIFT CAT and GAT - PG,or other private fashion school entrance exams.

All India Monthly Mock tests

Time: 4 pm to 9 pm for NIFT (CAT + GAT) - PG Mock Tests

Date: Second Sunday of every month (Pre register and get alerts)

NIFT PG AIM Mocktest

NIFT AIM Test 1 - PG
(Immediate Access)
NIFT AIM Test 2 - PG
NIFT AIM Test 3 - PG NIFT AIM Test 4 - PG
NIFT AIM Test 5 - PG NIFT AIM Test 6 - PG
NIFT AIM Test 7 - PG NIFT AIM Test 8 - PG
NIFT AIM Test 9 - PG NIFT AIM Test 10 - PG
NIFT AIM Test 11 - PG NIFT AIM Test 12 - PG
NIFT AIM Test 13 - PG NIFT AIM Test 14 - PG
NIFT AIM Test 15 - PG

NIFT PG Mocktest Facilitation by

Umesh Kumar GL, B.Arch., M.Des ( IIT-D) - Ex Designer at Jaguar Land rover UK
Shaun Dsa, B.E., M.Des (IIT- D) - Ex- Design Manager at General Motors

Together they have guided over 15000 students into creative careers in Architecture, Fashion and Design professions.

They, with the help of NID ians, NIFT ians, CEPT ians and IIT ians, are providing the facility for all design aspirants PAN India, to enable them to prepare thoroughly for the entrance exams.


  1. Get AIR. Know where you stand if you took the exam today
  2. Get a personal study plan. Know which are the areas to improve and the areas to build on.
  3. Get Premium insights to score more in the exams



Organiser information

DQ Labs Private Limited is a pioneer in offering guidance and mentor-ship for creative individuals to pursue careers in the field of Architecture, Fashion and design professions since 2007.

Terms & Conditions:

The NIFT PG test series are free for any aspirant while attempted during the scheduled time. If a student wants to access the past tests they need to buy the tests.

Click on the Speak to Us widget at the bottom right of the screen to reach out to us.

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