TEDx Talk by DQ Labs Founder Mr. Umesh Kumar GL (BArch, MDes IIT Delhi)

"World economic forum" and "Linked in" positions Creativity as one of the Top 3 skills that are required to be employable in 2019 and in the future. For creativity to manifest and flourish, development of both Left and Right brain is crucial. However Schools, from where the future workforce is produced, are giving over emphasis on left brain development and are not providing enough avenues to develop right brain capabilities to facilitate creativity in school kids. Is there a way one can use the very same subjects used for left brain development and use them for development of the right brain capacities as well?

Mr. Umesh Kumar G L, a trained architect and industrial designer and founder director of DQ Labs, having 20 years of extensive global design expertise shares his experience of how it can be achieved with examples of his personal interactions with 6th to 12th grade students. The solution can be implemented by teachers, students and even parents without the need of additional resources or changes in curriculum / syllabus by one awesome activity - ask "What if ?" followed with documentation of its outcome.

Umesh Kumar GL, an Architect specialized in Industrial Design from IIT Delhi having 18 yrs of practical experience in Architecture, Product Design, Digital Design, Business strategy and Design mentoring. He has travelled to about 25 countries in the last 15 years for professional work and leisure.

With the experience of working at esteemed International Design Studios (USA, UK, India) and cross cultural design teams of Global Brands as a creative professional envisioning, creating and testing compelling products & services for millions of users to make their lives easy, he believes that the objective of any education, apart from gaining technical knowledge and expertise should be developing curiosity, empathy, imagination, and persistence to realize one's dream. He loves to work with 6th to 12th graders to help them discover their inner potential & passion, to build creative confidence and lay a foundation for their future careers. To know more about DQ Labs Click here

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Creative Career Seminar for creative 10th graders and their parents

Am I Creative ?

Is creativity - Art?

What is the difference between Art & Design?

What is Design ?

What is Architecture ?

What is Fashion ?

Are these good careers?

Do designers make money?

I am bad in Mathematics, does that mean Design is a good career for me?

I am bad at Sketching, does that mean I will be a bad designer?

I am Good at Sketching, does that mean I will be a good designer?

My Child is great at studies, He / She still wants to be a designer. Why?

How can I help my child figure out?

Is there an option of Creative Career Counselling?

Is there anything called a Creative Aptitude Test or a Design Aptitude Test or a Fashion Aptitude Test?

If you are a student or parent asking any of the above questions, then this webinar is for you.

DQ Labs (Design Quotient Labs) is more than just an institute. Its more than just a community. Its more than just a state of mind. We believe that Good Design can Transform the quality of lives. We believe that we are here to catalyze that impact at Indian and Global Levels.

The DQ Lab Founders Umesh Kumar GL (BArch, MDes IIT Delhi) & Shaun D'Sa (BE, MDes IIT Delhi) having given up global opportunities at Jaguar Land Rover & General Motors (and many more) to inspire. They are researchers. DQ Labs was their calling. DQ Labs believes that the 12,000 aspirants they have guided, are making a difference. We believe that the thousands more to come, will make a massive impact to humankind. We believe that awareness and inspiration is what we stand for.

Cracking Creative Entrance Exams is a challenge. There's no standard syllabus, no standard measurement of creativity and everyone on YouTube seems to be experts at NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA & JEE Paper2 & FDDI. We believe that we are different. Our research in the area of Learning Design helps learners learn better and our Faculty teach better. The NASSCOM Design4India Award is a testament that the students of DQ Labs get nothing short of the best!

Each aspirant has their own unique skills and purpose. Every one has their own to contribute. However, Its always a challenge to showcase strengths. The webinar series' from DQ Labs addresses individual Study strategy. We believe that there's no "One Size Fits All strategy". Here you get general guidelines thats worked for many Toppers. But you also get Strategies that work for you!

This is the only channel that focusses on time as a factor. Within the timeline that you have

  • How do you identify & build on your strengths
  • How do you identify & improve weaknesses

For more information on NATA & JEE Paper 2 Online Coaching, speak to us on the chat interface at the bottom of the screen or fill the DQ Labs Enquiry Form and our counsellors will call you back.

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