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Design for Digital Experience

Digital Experience Design is derived from an organization’s customer-facing digital assets. This includes company’s web and mobile sites, mobile applications, in-store digital devices, and wearables that blur the lines between physical and virtual worlds.Great digital experiences are made possible by providing highly contextual, personalized, and emotional experiences to the customers. It includes a process-based approach for designing a seamless and high-quality experience across a broad range of configured and optimized physical and digital form factors.

Skills / Processes:

An example that always comes up in conversations about experience design is Apple. Seen as being at the foreplay of experience design, the company’s brand and approach to customer experience defines what products it develops and how they work through the minutest detail of even purely digital apps. Digital Experience Design is about solving problems at the core. In design, complexity of the problem is inversely proportional to the solution of the problem – the more complex the problem, the more simple the solution needs to be. Successful designers are creative problem solvers. Designers, today, need to amplify their creativity to become creative problem solvers to help brands connect with their customers, employees, and communities more effectively.

Career Opportunities:

You will explore experience design and related fields such as service design and interaction design, understanding human behaviour, rigorous research, digital technologies and prototyping, project management, business acumen and how to build and lead an effective team.

One can find roles across human-centred design such as experience designer, information architect, interaction designer, service designer and many more. Within these roles, graduates will be able to design and develop high quality experiences, products and services. One will be able to work across disciplinary, cultural and geographical boundaries to design innovative solutions to meet user and business needs.

Potential Employers:

Design for Digital Experience Schools to Consider

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