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Furniture Design

Furniture Design is a specialized field of design where function and fashion collide. From the earliest cave dwellers, to those enjoying gloriously gilded mansions and castles later; man has always needed furniture. Furniture designers have the pleasure of combining what is functional and technically sound, with what will suit an unlimited variety of tastes and uses. With a wide range of wants and needs pervading the market, a designer has the ability to create furniture art in any number of ways, within a wide range of sub-specialties. Furniture has evolved and changed with the times, and some styles have remained somewhat constant throughout the years, while others have drastically changed or become obsolete. Today, creating new furniture styles is often seen as a type of industrial art form.

Skills / Processes:

A furniture designer is a professional that designs and creates different types of furniture and furniture related products for industrial, commercial and domestic clients balancing innovation, aesthetic appeal and functionality. They create designs for mass-produced as well as handcrafted furniture products. They must consider the function of an item of furniture, the way it looks and the limitations of the material that it is made from. It is important to make sure that the process of furniture design demands multitude of skill sets - creativity, business awareness and skills in marketing, finance, sales and manufacturing.

The students at DQ will be made to enhance their creative and practical ability, develop drawing skills and strong visual awareness following manual dexterity and good hand-eye coordination while exploring furniture design; they will also gain an understanding of computer-aided design and other technological advances.

Career Opportunities:

Furniture acts an extension to human self with immediate surrounding, which makes it dynamic as well as challenging to work on. Well designed furniture caters to a series of needs through our lives, such as - a well designed seat allows us to rest comfortably in an aircraft or any kind of vehicle for longer hours.

Potential Employers:

Furniture Design Schools to Consider

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