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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is an environmental design profession and discipline, encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management, and stewardship of the natural and built environments. The foundation of landscape architecture education and practice is the application of ecological design in the consideration of abiotic, biotic, and cultural features in conservation, development and restoration projects. It is an independent profession and a design and art tradition in itself, practised by landscape designers, combining nature and culture. In contemporary practice, landscape design bridges the space between landscape architecture and garden design. Landscape design primarily focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it. The practical, aesthetic are also important components of landscape again.

Skills / Processes:

Types of projects under this discipline include: residential site design; parks and recreation; low impact development, monuments; urban design; streetscapes and public spaces; transportation corridors and facilities; gardens and arboreta; security design; hospitality and resorts; institutional; academic campuses; therapeutic gardens; historic preservation; habitat restoration; green infrastructure, reclamation; conservation planning; landscape art and earth sculpture; interior landscapes and many more.

Career Opportunities:

In India, one has to only look around to become relative proliferation of landscape architecture, certainly in Delhi and many other metropolitan cities across the country. Within the last thirty years the graduates of eighty’s and even of the ninety’s have been able to establish successful busy landscape practices, and have certainly contributed to recognition of the profession by important client groups such as industry, developers and corporate bodies. Also, there are far greater number of landscape architects today. One could look upon these as market indicators suggesting increasing recognition of future potential and substantial evolution of the landscape profession.

Landscape Architecture Schools to Consider

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