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NATA Crash Course

Batch Description of study material Duration Price Add to cart
Batch 1 Concept Classes
Practice Classes, Personal Feedback & Mock Tests
19th March - 6th July 2019 Rs 35,000 + ST Add to Cart
Batch 2 Concept Classes
Practice Classes, Personal Feedback & Mock Tests
15th April - 6th July 2019 Rs 30,000 + ST Add to Cart
Batch 3 Concept Classes
Practice Classes, Personal Feedback & Mock Tests
20th May - 6th July 2019 Rs 28,000 + ST Add to Cart

This is a powered up package available for those planning to take the NATA exam within a limited time frame.

This course gives the student an intensive course in sketch development which starts with basic perspective exercises and goes on to advanced level theme sketches.

For this package you will be assigned to an expert instructor, who will give you intensive sketch development exercises. You will also be trained in all sections related to the Online Test (Aesthetic Sensitivity)

This course is valid up to 6th July 2019

Physical Classes will be conducted in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mangalore and Thrissur

Crash Course Contents:

The crash course consists of the following:

  1. Physical Classes at 16 locations (Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mangalore, Thrissur)
  2. Online Classes - Live interaction with the faculty
  3. Online Study Material - Full access to DQ Edge
  4. Mock Tests, Past year question papers, Predicted Questions
  5. NATA Book

Resources for Design Sketching

This is the resource link for Design Sketching assignments -

Resources for Aptitude, Mathematics & Mock Test (Online Test)

Advantages of NATA Crash Course

  • Available as Online or Physical classroom
  • Intensive sketch development for 15 days, which gives you a strong insight into tackling the drawing test
  • Being able to apply and understand drawing concepts with a short duration of time available
  • The DQ LABS team will keep a track of your improvement and will provide you with useful tips at various stages of your skill enhancement
  • Access to the online study material and books which will prepare you well for the online computer adaptive section of the test
  • Give 10 mock tests and see where you stand among the other students
  • Access to over 200 online videos

Crash Course Details:

Section 1 - Theme sketching

  • 1 point, 2 point, 3 point perspectives, ants eye, birds eye view, human eye view
  • Horizon lines, vanishing points
  • Quick doodling, shading, texturing, detailing
  • Human figure drawing in perspective
  • Observation, memory drawing, replication, creative combinations, visualization

Section 2 2D composition + 3D composition

  • Principles of design
  • Making use of unity, harmony, repetition, contrast, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance
  • Compositions with numbers, geometrical or organic compositions
  • Abstract compositions, logos, murals, graphic design
  • Making stable 3D compositions, sculptures
  • Combining forms and shapes

Section 3 - Freehand drawing

  • Basics of pencil grades of pencils, holding a pencil, shading, pressure, quality lines strokes, textures, variation in lines
  • Replication, reducing, enlarging, mirroring freehand sketches
  • Drawing well proportioned and scaled human beings and objects

Section 4 Colouring

  • Colour theory, colour wheel, basics of colour
  • Choosing colours cool colours, warm colours, analogous colours, triadic colors
  • Uses and application of colours
  • Colour combinations
  • Using different colour mediums

Section 5 Aesthetic sensitivity and Aptitude development

  • Elements of design, principles of design
  • 2D, 3D orthographic projections, elevation, plan
  • Mental ability patterns, odd one out, paper folding, development of surfaces
  • 3D objects visualization oblique, vertical, horizontal surfaces, edges and vertices

Section 6 Architectural Awareness

  • History of Architecture
  • Architectural Buildings, monuments of importance
  • Architects and their works
  • Architectural terminology, commonly used materials and textures

Section 7 English Vocabulary

  • Verbal reasoning and analogies, relationships, cause and effect
  • Antonyms, synonyms, frequency hit list

Section 8 Mathematics

  • Basic list formulae
  • Subjective and objective mathematics
  • Question papers with answers


  • Guidance from an Architect
  • FREE sketch evaluation for 3 mock tests
  • Sketches for evaluation to be sent to [email protected]

Registration Procedure:

To sign up for this package:

  • Click on the "Add to Cart" button and make the payment using your credit / debit card.
  • Complete the Online Reigstration Form
  • Email us with your payment details and attach a scanned copy of your passport size photograph to [email protected]

After you have sent your email, please allow up to 24 hours to activate the Online Study Material and about 48 hours for your books to be dispatched to you.

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