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Toy and Game Design

Toy and Game Design is the art of applying design and aesthetics to create games to facilitate interaction between players for entertainment and even experimental, educational or psychological purposes. Toy and game design is multidisciplinary in nature; it revolves around the elements of product design, animation and human psychology. Knowledge in graphic design, mechanical drawing, and color usage is very essential in this field of design.

The students will receive a clear understanding of basic design fundamentals, creative thinking and its proper application, game theory and will develop a holistic understanding of play and arrive at creative innovative designs for this medium.

Skills / Processes:

This field requires designers to garner expertise regarding child safety, the properties of various elemental materials and overall, the appropriateness of individual designs. They require to brainstorm and get ideas for developing a new toy or game. They make sketches and drawings to describe the toy or game in detail. Game designers particularly create goals, rules and challenges to for the participants or spectators.

Career Opportunities:

Brainstorming, designing, and developing innovative concepts demand a designer’s creativity. The skill sets necessary for the toy and gaming industry are computer skills, mechanical skills, creativity and originality and an ability to relate to the interests of the customers. To market the toy or the game the designer must be able to do a cost analysis and have preliminary information on the cost of production and the expected retail cost. It takes an engineer’s mentality to grasp the technical aspects of manufacturing processes, materials, safety, and cost considerations. Toy and game designers work closely with industry professionals from companies to synthesize these skills.

Potential Employers:

Toy and Game Design Schools to Consider

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