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UCEED_CEED_NID_501 Questions

501 UCEED-NID-CEED Practice Questions

What is this Course?

This course contains 501 proprietary questions developed by the faculty of DQ Labs, who are working design professionals graduated from IDC, IIT- Mumbai, IDDC, IIT Delhi, NID and other premier institutes.

501 questions are divided into 10 quizzes of 50 questions each. These 50 questions test the aspirants cognitive, analytical, logical, visual spatial, creative abilities and general awareness in the field of art, sculpture, music, dance, architecture, photography, animation and Design as suggested in the testing objectives of UCEED, CEED and NID exams.

How is it helpful for my preparation?

NID, CEED and UCEED exams are organised to find the creative talent based on certain parameters. However there is no fixed syllabus or study material. Examiners are on a constant lookout to bring out variety and exclusivity in the question content so that they can identify the right talent that deserves admission to design department of NID / IITs

  • The objective of this course is to achieve the following –
  • Introduce you to a variety of experimental questions
  • Help you improve your creative aptitude and general awareness as expected in the NID, CEED and UCEED exams
  • Help you identify their strengths and weakness
  • Train you to be alert, nimble and smart in answering tough questions
  • Give you a wide exposure and direction on various topics and aspects you need to study further

What to expect?

Expect tough and thoughtful questions that would push your thinking and develop your creative aptitude and awareness of your perceived world.

How to use the 501 NID - UCEED - CEED Questions?

501 Questions are divided into 10 quizzes each. Each quiz contains 50 questions.

  • Step 1- Answer a quiz within the time using metacog input.
  • Step 2- Use the analytics to strategize your learning.
  • Step 3 - Go through the links provided for gaining more knowledge on the topics you are having difficulty.
  • Once the self study is thoroughly done, answer the next quiz.

What is Metacog answer input system?

This is a patent pending Answer Inputing method. Please go through the below 2 videos to understand the concept and how to use the METACOG System.

Why to use Metacog?

  • It will help you understand your strategy of answering questions across various question types.
  • It will help you realise your weakness and strengths
  • It will help you answer a question within a time limit.

What are Metacog analytics?

A detailed analysis on 26 aspects of your learning and knowledge.

Is there any study / reference material available for furthering my knowledge?

Yes. Where ever applicable and needed the answer feed back contains link to resources from where you can get more knowledge and information.

A detailed analysis on 26 aspects of your learning and knowledge.

How many attempts can I make?

You get 2 attempts per quiz to practice the questions.

How long would i get the access?

Till you finish your exam in Jan 2017.

Can i Share the account with my friend?

NO. This is only for your own self.

Can i get a pdf of these Questions?

NO. You need to access the questions online only.

Can i Download the Questions?

NO. You need to access the questions online only.

what is the price?

501 Questions with answer explanations and resources for further study – ₹ 9997/-

This course is free for all the DQ labs students who has enrolled for NID / UCEED / CEED physical or online classroom course. please call 959100100 for more information.

Can I see the questions before i make the payment?

You can access a few sample questions for free to get a feel of the quality, variety, complexity of the questions, before you can take a decision.

Use the Password : DQLABS if you are prompted for a Enrollment Key

Click Here to access 50 FREE sample questions.

How to pay the fees?

You can pay the fees online from November 2017 only

Can I cancel my subscription?

At any given point of time you can cancel the subscription, A Cancellation fee of ₹2500/- + an amount of 500 per quiz that has been accessed by you will be deducted from the actual fee that you have paid and the remaining amount would be given back to you.

What is the registration process?

After successfully making the payment please fill up this Registration form. Once we verify your payment and details, we shall activate your account in 24 hours.

Whom to contact in case of any doubts?

You can call us on 9591001000 or write an email to [email protected].

Payment and Registration Details:

To sign up for this package, click on the "Add to Cart" button and make a payment using your credit / debit card.

Package Description of study material
(NID-UCEED-CEED & Other design entrance exams)
Duration Mode of Teaching Price Add to Cart
A 501 UCEED-NID-CEED Practice Questions
501 Questions + Detailed Answer Explanation + Links to awsome resources for further study
Available from November 2017 Self Study Rs 9,997 Add to Cart
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