About Karnavati University

Karnavati University is a State Private University, which is in the forefront of education since 2008. The University status was granted by the State of Gujarat in March 2017. Karnavati University we search for, strive and celebrate excellence and remarkable experiences that bring about a transformation in communities and in people altogether. The contributions that our faculty and students give endeavour to change the future trends.

We have deep roots in the industries that we teach about, constantly updated and trying to stay ahead of time. We push for pioneering thoughts, trends and innovation. This has made us a research-intensive university which has an eye for detail and comprehensive understanding.

About Unitedworld Institute of Design

Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is one of the premier Design institutes of India. A constituent college under Karnavati University. Karnavati University is a State Private University dedicated to excellence in teaching and focused on interdisciplinary learning and is empowered to award degrees by UGC.

The institute aims to create globally sought after professionals who can exhibit their creativity and trigger novel trends. UID’S pursuit for excellence has made its name shine with an extraordinary record of success in a short span. UID provides world class facilities at its sprawling campus spread over 40 acres of lush green land. The quality benchmarks are applicable to our faculty selection, infrastructure and systems that are set to manage the organization.

Programmes at UID, are designed with strong professional emphasis and in close partnership with the industry. Every course has been structured to deliver insights into the importance of individual and collective creativity, be it a theoretical assessment, design practice, curatorial evaluations or artistic considerations.

Why study at UID?

  • UGC Approved Globally Recognised Degree in Design - UID offers a globally valid degree of B. Design, M. Design and PhD from Karnavati University; recognised by UGC (University Grant Commission).
  • Industry experienced team of Faculty Members - Studying at UID give the advantage of working under a team of highly experienced faculties from NID, NIFT, IIT and other National and International Institutes having an in‐depth knowledge of industry.
  • Creative space of work with state of the art labs & workshops - UID provides students with a serene and secure 40 acres of campus amidst nature to flourish the creativity and design thinking. A place where creativity comes to life with a touch of finish. The College has multiple workshops and labs including Ceramics and Clay Workshop, Metal Workshop, Wood Workshop, 3D Printing Workshop, Laser Cutting Workshop, Dyeing and Printing Workshop, Knitting & Weaving lab, Embroidery and Stitching Lab, Pattern Making Studio, Jewellery Workshop, Leather Lab, Paint Lab, Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Lab, Photography Lab, Felder Centre of Excellence (COE), Wacom Lab ,VFX and 3D Studio.
  • Accommodation and other amenities - Availability of well‐furnished student residences and amazing mess facility along with world class amenities such as of a mess, cafeterias, gym, playground, salon, essential store etc. within the campus. Transportation facility is also available for Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar students. Ranges from 1.5Lacs to 1.75L/ Annum (Includes AC accommodation and Mess with 4 Meals)
  • From academics to industry set-ups - Learning comes from experience as it comes from books, and UID knows this better. During the course of graduation, UID follows a unique pedagogical model in the curriculum which helps the student get hands on experience and training outside the boundaries of college. This includes –
  1. Industry Visits and Field Trips;
  2. Distinguished Guest / Expert lectures;
  3. Live Industry / Social Projects;
  4. International Visits
  5. Graduate Fashion Shows and Exposition;
  6. Workshops with Artisans;
  7. Mentoring for Internships and Final Thesis/Project.
  • Beyond the campus years - Knowledge gained in college is never limited to just the campus years, but furthermore. UID provides with a strong alumni network, which after college years help connect to the industry efficiently as well as render career assistance in design through alumni visits.
  • Learning In a Heritage City & Design Education Capital of India - A great advantage of studying at UID is its demographic location in a city with rich and diverse heritage. A city with a legacy of great architecture like 'Adalaj Ni Vav' , 'Hathisingh Ni Vadi' and 'Jama Masjid' to a vast spread of explicit textiles and crafts. Ahmedabad also considered as Design Education Capital of India; can be very inspiring for young creative minds.
  • Celebrating unified diverse cultures that instills friendships from every corner - Similarly as the language of design knows no one religion, neither does UID. As the word UNITED suggests, the college is united of multiple religions, which are celebrated with equal joy and zeal. UID gets students from every corner of the country. Bonded by creativity, one finds many friends here sharing a similar vision
  • KU Epitome - KU Epitome initiative shall cover three verticals of the constituent colleges of Karnavati University
  1. CSD - Career and placement related services;
  2. KIIF - Incubation & Innovation leading to startups;
  3. UWW - Guidance cum preparation towards admission to Indian and overseas Universities for Higher studies.

Programmes offered at UID:

1. Bachelor of Design (B. Design) Regular

UID’s B. Design Programmes are curated as a well‐structured curriculum that is creatively designed to maximize the student’s learning experience. The rich structure of the programme aims to create a fine balance between theoretical and practical education. The programme focuses on the basics of the field of design while stressing on the possibilities to practice specific skills and knowledge related to specific courses.

It provides an ecosystem of interactive engagement in your programme of study, to enhance your design thinking, problem‐solving, and system thinking ability with a human‐centric approach ‐ imbued with a deep sense of social & environmental responsibility.

The programme takes you through a journey of the creative skills required to excel in your chosen field.

UID offers various specializations in B.Design as depicted below -

  1. Product Design
  2. Fashion Design
  3. Lifestyle Accessory Design
  4. Interior & Furniture Design
  5. Defence Design
  6. Automobile & Transportation Design
  7. Visual Communication
  8. Interaction Design
  9. Animation & Motion Graphics
  10. Interior & Furniture Design

Course Duration

It is a 4‐years full‐time degree course; comprising of 8 semesters of 6 months duration each.

2. Bachelor of Design (B. Design) ‐ Global Design Programme (GDP)

The 4 years B. Design ‐ Global Design Programme (GDP) at UID has been curated through research and by collaborating with some of the best international design schools, using innovative approaches for redefining Design education in India. It provides a unique opportunity for a student to understand global perspectives and tackle design challenges with an international style and pedagogy of learning.

This programme will take students through intersections of design disciplines with different approaches to design; from Visual Communication, Fashion Design, Product Design and Interior Design with the flexibility to choose the major & minor specializations.

Year 1

  • Sem. 1 & Sem. 2 at UID Ahmedabad, India;

Year 2

  • A Sem at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia;
  • A Sem at UID Ahmedabad, India;

Year 3

  • A Sem at NABA, Milan, Italy;
  • A Sem at UID Ahmedabad, India;

Year 4

  • A Sem at Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom;
  • A Sem at UID Ahmedabad, India

Course Duration

It is a 4‐years full‐time degree course, comprising of “experiential learning abroad” for 14 weeks starting from 2ndyear onwards.

3. Integrated Master of Design (5 Years) Programme

The 5‐Years Integrated Masters of Design Programme gives a comprehensive exposure through an interdisciplinary, project‐based approach to design. It has evolved through a deep dive into emerging collaborative and pedagogical approaches and built on a foundation of an innovative curriculum that incorporates the best practices of top international Integrated Masters programs.

The programme instills professional competence to undertake complex multidisciplinary design projects by leading design interventions in socio‐cultural and functional innovations, design development and planning.

Course Duration

It is a 5‐years full‐time integrated degree course, comprising of 10 semesters of 6 months duration each.

4. Masters of Design (M. Design)

UID’s M. Design Programme specifically focuses on techniques and technologies in designing. The graduates develop critical, innovative, technical and managerial skills with respect to design sensibilities, values and socio – cultural systems. Students are engaged at each level in understanding and honing knowledge & skills in problem discovery and resolution, critical and imaginative thinking, verbal and visual communication and appropriate technologies. The pedagogy engages students in an in‐depth industry experience, which includes industry internship followed by a Graduation project. The emphasis is to learn from hands‐on experience of professional practices in an industry environment. UID offers various specializations in M. Design as depicted below

  1. Industrial Design
  2. Visual Experiential Design
  3. Interior & Experience Design
  4. Fashion Design

Course Duration

2‐years full‐time degree course; comprising of 4 semesters of 6 months duration each.

Specialization to be opted at the time of application; however the specialization can be changed before the commencement of the academic session.

Important dates for 2023 intake and Admission process

Forms Submission Deadline: Application Open

Design Aptitude Test: 29th January 2023

Online application Form: Click Here

Form Fees: Rs. 2000/-

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