About Woxsen School of Arts and Design

School of Arts and Design, Woxsen University is located in a sprawling 200 acre campus at Hyderabad. The world-class infrastructure not only enables quality education but also provides spaces to enhance creative thinking & collaboration. The classrooms, labs and workshops are marked to global standards with immense scope for effective and good learning. Leading faculty from the world’s best design institutes & industry practitioners deliver lectures which equip the students with skills to readily fit into the global design industry.

The Bachelor of Design (Hons.) program at Woxsen is meant to develop Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Aptitude among students to become creative problem solvers, while the Ph.D program provides a robust platform to enhance in-depth research & domain expertise. The curriculum is also aimed to bring in fresh perspective & a global outlook in design ideas and executions. The overall structure of the design program is a combination of skill development and enhancement, design projects and field experiences duly supported by appropriate proportion of Theoretical lectures. It endeavours to develop and promote a symbiotic relationship between academia and the industry.

School of Arts & Design, has one final motive to transform aspiring students’ dreams into reality. Perceiving the need for a world-class institute that transcends the conventional curricula, we have strategized content delivery in a fashion that is truly heterodox even iconoclastic. With state-of the-art infrastructure, diligent tutors, collaborative peers, and nonpareil ambience, Woxsen is the place to be for aspiring artists and designers.

Programs Offered

  1. B.Des (Hons.) – Fashion Design Bachelor of fashion designing course is a four-year undergraduate degree program offered by Woxsen University. The curriculum is industry-aligned allowing students to prepare for the contemporary space, while also keeping in touch with the culture, heritage and various design techniques native to India. The program is meticulously designed to impart knowledge and advanced skills in modules like knitwear design, luxury fashion accessories, technical and smart textiles, digital pattern making and grading, fashion styling, product photography and costume design, through exhaustive workshops, internships and industry projects making Woxsen the best fashion designing university in hyderabad.
  2. B.Des (Hons.) – Interior Design B.Des (Hons.), Bachelor of Interior Design is an eight-semester program spread over four years; which introduces students to the various nuances, principles, and characteristics of design, colour schemes, space planning and drafting. The degree program deals with detailed classroom sessions on the selection of materials and finishes for various spaces which is crucial for aspiring students of Interior Design Institutes. Students are also exposed to crafting new interior designs basis user experience and intelligent systems. The lectures are designed with an emphasis on workshops, internships and industry projects running all through the period of four years. This not only gives students a hands-on experience but also gives them a thorough knowledge of how the interior design business runs. At the end of four years, the students will be awarded Bachelor of Design (hons.) from Woxsen University, ranked among the best design schools in India.
  3. B.Des (Hons.) – Industrial Design B.Des (Hons.) in Industrial design is an extensive course spanning four years comprising of eight semesters and excels among the best Industrial design colleges in Hyderabad. This program emphasizes on creativity, exploration, design thinking, solution finding, aesthetics, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship in the creation of lifestyle products, transport and mobility design, usage of new-age technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and more in designing new products and packaging for the global consumer market. Students graduating in Industrial Design learn a wide range of artisan - based hand skills and processes, digital design skills in 2-D graphics and 3-D modelling for rapid prototyping. The experience of workshops, internship and industry projects at the end of each semester will make learning complete. At the end of four years students will be awarded Bachelor of Design (Hons.) in Industrial Design, from Woxsen University.
  4. B.Des (Hons.) – Communication Design The four year B. Des (Hons.) in Communication Design is a specialised program in Design, where the student specialises in Advanced Graphic Design, Ad film making, AR & VR Design, Game Design, Advertising and more enabling students to acquire the skills and techniques necessary to pursue a fulfilling career in various areas of communication - advertising, print and graphic design. Applied Art Professionals are visual problem-solvers who use a wide variety of concepts and media to inform, direct, promote, entertain, engage and educate specific audiences. The Communication Design program prepares students to integrate design principles, methods, concepts, images, words and ideas to creatively convey visual messages with an intent of eliciting specific responses from diverse audiences. At the end of four years the students will be awarded Bachelor of Design (Hons.) in Communication Design from Woxsen University, ranked among the best design schools in India

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