What is DEEP?

The Design Exploration Program (DEEP) is a one of a kind program designed and supervised by professionals from IIT, NID and NIFT to help children studying in class 7 to 12 channel their creativity and explore careers in Architecture, Design and Fashion. The skill sets that they would acquire at the end of the program are:

Problem Identification


Discussion of Ideas

Concept Development


Documentation & Presentation

Program Objectives

The key objectives of the Design Exploration Progam are to:

Introduce various opportunities in the field of Architecture, Design and Fashion

Help students think and design like designers do

Expose students to design thinking and process

Introduce students to famous designers and design schools

Identify and recognise creative talent

The DEEP Advantage

The program helps your child discover how their creative skills can open the doors to an exciting career in Architecture, Design or Fashion.

A clearer idea on their career brings clarity and helps your child focus better on their school studies.

This removes uncertainty regarding streams to follow post school and results in a happier and more enthusiastic child

Past students' work

We pick the best ideas from each of our students and develop them further with the help of the DQ Design team to highlight their true potential.

Course Details

Course Fee: Rs 20,000 + 18% GST | Duration: 8 weeks / 21 sessions

Location: Online

Summer Vacation Batch – 21 sessions | 3 pm to 5 pm

Batch 1: 17th April to 12th May 2022

Batch 2: 6th June to 30th June 2022

Limited seats only

Week 1

Introduction to Design, Relevance & Program Overview. Focus on Apparel Design, Logo Design, Furniture Design, and Jewellery Design.

Week 2

Stop Motion Animation, Interior Design, Bag Design & Photography Design and an Industrial Interaction

Week 3

Introduces Exhibition Design, Shoe Design, Game Design, Shelter Design, Character Design and includes an Industrial Interaction

Week 4

Introduces Poster / Book Cover Design, Automotive Design, and Presentation of student’s work.


DQ labs will host an exhibition in the second week of June which will showcase the work of the talented students and their efforts over the four weeks.

Student Testimonials

My journey at DQ labs has been really fun and interesting.
At the end of this course I have learnt to be way more creative by looking at things around me and by exploring my surroundings to get inspiration to do some productive things and make my summer and my time worthwhile.

Rajashri shenoy

I joined DQ Labs because of my interest in art, never even thinking that I would become so passionate about my career in design. I learnt about the different types of design enjoying each and every moment of it. I couldn’t wait to come to DQ Labs every day.

Sanjana Mugalvalli

When I joined DQ Labs, the very first thing I had to do was create 20 logos for the same name. I literally went blank. Eventually this fear reduced and now I can create 20 or more. This was one main thing that I learnt at DQ Labs.


The Design Exploration Program was a wonderful insight into the huge world of design. It touched many aspects of design which I was not really aware of. I will certainly look forward to more courses from DQ Labs.

Tanvi Bharti

I had a very nice experience in DQ Labs. I had been considering a career in design, but I had never understood the process involved in it. Now, after the course, I am able to understand this field much better and also that there is more to design than just art.

Nandhitha M

This course has helped me understand how design can be applied to various fields, how design can help make objects visually appealing, how design thinking can be applied to create unique objects. Thank you DQ Labs.

Jayant N Ramesh

About DQ Labs

Founded by architects and designers from IIT, DQ Labs aims to nurture creative minds through meticulous and professional guidance to explore opportunities and realize successful careers in the field of architecture, design and fashion.