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  • Design Categories
  • Why Design Hackathon
  • Who Should Participate?
  • Student Learnings from Design Hackathon
  • Design Process

DQ Labs Design Hackathon 2021 - Overview

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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing Design Hackathon in collaboration with DQ Labs. While discovering and nurturing the next generation of design talent, the initiative will help the students to develop design aptitude through cross-learning opportunities and will create awareness on Design Thinking and Design Doing among the students, parents and teachers through different levels of engagement.

This All-India Online Inter-School Design Hackathon inviting school students to participate and learn the right method of solving real life problems. The students will absorb useful design thinking frameworks, concepts, processes, tools and techniques.

The registrations will be accepted in 10 different categories and the students will be divided in two groups namely Group A (comprising of Students from Class 11 & 12) and Group B (comprising of Students from Class 8 to 10).

The Design Hackathon will be a two days engagement involving several Design mentors, Design faculty and Student volunteers to take the participating students through the journey of creating novel design solutions.

The outcomes for each team will be in the form of a 1 min video + 5 images.

Several awards will be given to National Winners, National Finalists, Zonal Runner-up, Zonal Finalist and other select participants.

The finalists and winners are recognised during the CII INDIA DESIGN SUMMIT award ceremony in December 2021.

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Design Categories

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  • Architecture
  • Fashion Design
  • Transportation Design
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Film & Animation Design
  • Game Design
  • Interior & Furniture Design
  • Strategic Design Management
  • UI / UX Design

Why Design Hackathon

Design Hackathon 2021 Instagram

  • Learn Design Thinking & Design Doing - Hands-On
  • Under the direct mentorship of Experienced Design Professors
  • Develop Key Attitude, Aptitude, Skills and Knowledge & Experience to Design

Who Should Participate?

Students aspiring to become Professionals, Designers, Farmers, Doctors, Engineers, CAs, Bankers, Traders, Politicians, Teachers, Scientists, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Businessman, CXOs, Athletes, Policymakers etc. can participate.

Grade 8 - 12 students Pan India who aspire to become leaders

Student Learnings from Design Hackathon

  • Growth attitude
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Empathy
  • Risk-taking
  • Embracing Failure
  • Team collaboration
  • Research Skills
  • Presentation Skills

Design Process

Solve people problems following the Design Process under the guidance of Professional Designers

Design Process

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