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The Design Hackathon by DQ Labs is a 24 hour inter school event which ignites creativity and encourages students to use the design (thinking) process to solve problems. Participants form teams of 2 to 5 members. They are given a topic. They are also guided by professional designers to guide them in the right direction to apply the design thinking principles.

Since 2019, DQ Labs has been collaborating with Deens Academy, a top school in Bangalore to run the event at Volksfiesta, an inter-school compeition hosted by Deens Academy. DQ Labs hosts the Design Hackathon as part of this event. The event was conducted at Deens Academy in 2019 and online in 2020. There have been over 350 students who have taken part in the Design Hackathon in the last two years

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  • Design Hackathon 2020 brief
  • Design Hackathon 2019 Winner

Design Hackathon 2020

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As part of Volksfiesta annual Inter school event, Deens academy, Bangalore in association with DQ Labs is organizing this 2nd edition of Design Hackathon 2020. This is open to students from 8th grade to 12th grade all across India and Beyond. We all have woken up into a new world and are trying to live with COVID 19.

This has given rise to many new problems that require innovative and creative problem solving approaches. Participate to learn and gain exposure on solving real people problems through correct method of Design process under the guidance of practicing Designers, Architects and Fashion designers.

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Design Hackathon 2019 Winner

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