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Design Hackathon 2024

Transform Your Tomorrow: Harness the Synergy of Empathy, Design Thinking, and AI at DH24

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For whom? - At DH24, we embrace a wide spectrum of participants, including : students from Grade 8 - 10, Grade 11 & 12, UG & PG Students, Families (Parents + Children), Teachers / Principals / Home makers, Freshers / Employees / Professionals, Business owners, Startup founders etc.

Unified Group Mentoring, Diversified Judging Criteria - In a unique approach, all participants will be brought together under collective group mentoring sessions, creating a melting pot of ideas and knowledge. While everyone will benefit from shared wisdom and diverse insights, rest assured that competition entries will be evaluated based on their respective participant categories, ensuring fairness and relevance in judging.

What is “Transform your Tomorrow” ? - Proactively equipping oneself today with essential future ready skills and tools (Empathy, Design thinking, AI) to realize dreams and ambitions by overcoming future challenges.

When? - The event will be held online on Saturday, 3rd August 2024, to Sunday, 4th August 2024, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Prize pool? - Total cash prizes worth 3 Lakh Rupees !

Agenda & Event Schedule - Please find the detailed schedule here

Design Hackathon 2024 Schedule - Day 1

Design Hackathon 2024 Schedule - Day 2

Why Attend? - Have you ever felt the urge to create something impactful but felt unsure about where to start? Do you dream of bringing about meaningful change in your community or industry?

By joining this event, you'll learn powerful ways to turn your ideas into real things and set yourself up for big success. It's like getting the right tools to build your dreams!

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How DH24 Shapes Your Tomorrow:

When you participate in DH24, you're not just attending another event; you're taking charge of your future. Here's the blueprint for your transformation:

  1. Empathy-Driven Insight: Through our specially curated sessions, you'll learn to see the world through the eyes of others, identifying problems and gaps that many overlook. This empathy-driven approach is the key to unlocking real-world, impactful solutions.
  2. Design Thinking Workshops: Experience hands-on training in design thinking. From problem identification to ideation, prototyping, and testing, you'll master a process that innovators worldwide swear by. This methodology empowers you to craft solutions that are not just creative, but effective and user-centric.
  3. AI Toolkits: The future belongs to those who harness technology. With guided sessions on AI tools, we ensure you're equipped to analyze vast amounts of data, spot trends, and accelerate your solution-building process.
  4. Networking & Mentorship: Interact with visionaries, industry leaders, and peers. This isn't just about learning; it's about building a community that can support, guide, and collaborate with you in your future endeavors.
  5. Real-World Challenges: The challenges presented at DH24 aren't hypothetical. They're rooted in real-world issues, ensuring that the solutions you develop have potential for real impact.
  6. Safe & Inclusive Digital Environment: Online safety is our priority. With participants from varied backgrounds, we've taken measures to ensure a respectful, secure, and inclusive online space for all.

By the end of DH24, you'll have a toolbox of skills, a network of like-minded individuals, and a mindset geared towards innovation and solution-building. This isn't just about two days; it's about setting you on a trajectory of lifelong learning, innovation, and impact. Your tomorrow starts at DH24. Don't let this chance slip by!

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Past DH events -

DH23 themed "Safe Bharath," was a melting pot of brilliance and foresight, drawing 500+ teams and 180+ Finalists. The event, utilizing design thinking, saw diverse minds conceptualize solutions for making India or Bharat safe with the overall winner conceptualising a concept of Kamala Guardian which can be used for keeping lakes clean and beautiful.

DH23 - All Category Winners presentations

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