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    Course Fees: Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 6,000/- + GST
    Learn with doodles

    Learn with doodles™ is a proprietary learning methodology developed by 2 IITians, that empowers learners to tap into their creative potential to learn and express a new concept by means of doodles. This proprietary methodology tremendously improves the imagination power of learners, pushes their creativity to the limits, encourages learners to understand the basic fundamentals of the concepts they are learning and come up with very interesting innovative concept expressions. This proprietary learning method is not only fun, it lights up the enthusiasm of the learners, increasing their curiosity to learn more.

    The Learn with doodles™ outcomes are validated by expert teachers to ensure the science fundamentals are correct.

    The learners are also trained to master the art of doodling and expressing them through short videos. This adds to their professional skill set of visual communication and empowers them to be master communicators.

    Learn with Doodles is found to be super addictive for the learners, enhancing their retention by 400% and learning enthusiasm by 800%. This makes the learners active creators rather than passive media consumers.

    Learn with doodles™ methodology can be applied to any subject matter for in depth learning.

    Example 1- Blood components - Introducing "Fibrinogen"

    Example 2- A Human Cell, a Short Video

    Learning is never boring again.

    This is true fun learning. Your children are not going to learn new concepts by watching some animated video, but by they themselves immersing into imagination and creativity. Infact by allowing children to watch a highly detailed animated video to explain a new concept, we are diminishing their abilty to imagine and blocking their creativity. Thanks to Learn with Doodles, your childrens imagination and creativity is really lit up.

    Target Age Group: Grade 4 to Grade 12
    Class size: Max 6 students in a Batch
    Subjects addressed Science - Physics / Biology
    Course Duration: 18 Sessions (60 Minutes per session)
    Program Delivery: ONLINE Only
    Program Details
    • 6 classes on Learning to Doodle using basic shapes
    • 6 classes on Creating 1 min videos to explain the concepts
    • 6 classes learning a new science concept with doodles
    • Program outcome - Student will be producing a 1 min video on the new science concept they have learnt

    Skills you Learn

    • Creating Attractive Doodles
    • Ease of expression of ideas and thoughts
    • Condensation of thought process on paper
    • Critical thinking and problem-solving.
    • Collaboration across networks and leading by influence.
    • Agility and adaptability.
    • Initiative and entrepreneurialism.
    • Effective oral and written communication.
    • Accessing and analyzing information.
    • Curiosity and imagination
    • Fluid visual communication to self and others
What after the 18 classes?
  • Student can enroll for yearlong classes ( 2 per week) to continue learning all the science concepts of the respective grades
  • Their learning will be thoroughhly validated at the end of learning each concept through a objective testing tool that has won NASSCOMS design4 India award.
Next Batch: Batches starting every day
Batch Timings: 3 pm - 4 pm / 4 pm - 5 pm / 5 pm - 6 pm / 6 pm - 7 pm / 7 pm - 8 pm
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Q: My Child Already doodles, should he attend the first 6 classes?.

A: If your child already is doodling that is great. however , we shall be introducng the concepts of emotions, expressions, character attributes, movements & motions, storyboaring, layouting, Lettering and many such vual communication concepts that will help develop a students doodling sills ot a professional level. we dont want your child to miss them out.

Q: What tools are required?


  1. Laptop and broadband connection, as the course is delivered online
  2. A smart phone for taking pictures to share with the faculty
  3. A4 sheets & a Pad
  4. 4. Micron pens, felt tip pens and sketch pens
  5. 5. Pencil and eraser

Q: What topic is taken up for the last 6 classes?.

A: we have 5/6 very interesting generic topics to choose from. these Topics are related to how stuff works arround us. These can be understood by grade 4-9 students. Once they enrll for year long courses, grade specefic topics will be taken up.

Q: What will be the composition of the batches?.

A: As far as possible We try to get similar age group students togather. Since the group sizes are small, there will be very good attention given to each student personaly by the mentors

Q: Who are the mentors

A: Mentors arewell qualified teachers, hand picked and trained to bring the best in your child

Organiser information

DQ Labs Private Limited is a pioneer in offering guidance and mentor-ship for creative individuals to pursue careers in the field of Architecture, Fashion and design professions since 2007.

TEDx Talk

"World economic forum" and "Linked in" positions Creativity as one of the Top 3 skills that are required to be employable in the future. For creativity to manifest and flourish, development of both Left and Right brain is crucial. However Schools, from where the future workforce is produced, are giving over emphasis on left brain development and are not providing enough avenues to develop right brain capabilities to facilitate creativity in school kids. Is there a way one can use the very same subjects used for left brain development and use them for development of the right brain capacities as well?

Mr. Umesh Kumar G L, a trained architect and industrial designer and founder director of DQ Labs, having 20 years of extensive global design expertise shares his experience of how it can be achieved with examples of his personal interactions with 4th to 12th grade students. The solution can be implemented by teachers, students and even parents without the need of additional resources or changes in curriculum / syllabus by one awesome activity - ask "What if ?" followed with documentation of its outcome. Umesh Kumar GL

An Architect specialized in industrial design from IIT Delhi having 18 yrs of practical experience in Architecture, Product Design, Digital Design, Business strategy and Design mentoring. He had travelled to about 25 countries in the last 15 years for professional work and leisure..

With the experience of working at esteemed International Design Studios (USA, UK, India) and cross cultural design teams of Global Brands as a creative professional envisioning, creating and testing compelling products & services for millions of users to make their lives easy, he believes that the objective of any education, apart from gaining technical knowledge and expertise should be developing curiosity, empathy, imagination, and persistence to realize one's dream. He loves to work with 6th to 12th graders to help them discover their inner potential & passion, to build creative confidence and lay a foundation for their future careers. To know more about DQ Labs Click here

Refund Policy:

For any reason if student is not interested, the fee paid for the "Learn with Doodles" program is refunded on prorata basis. No Questions asked.


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