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Online NID Coaching

  • Expert faculty
  • Individual instructor for each student
  • Personalized Mentoring and Study Strategy
  • Thorough training in sketch development, perspectives and theme sketches
  • Convenient Timings
  • Patented online portal with Intuitive study material
  • Mock Tests, Past Year Question Papers, Topic wise tests
  • Clarify your doubts
  • College selection guidance
  • Parent Teacher Meeting

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Why DQ Labs Online Coaching for NID

  • Experienced Architects and Designers who have passed out of IIT are at the helm of DQ Labs
  • All faculty comprise of graduates and post-graduates from NID, NIFT and Architecture Colleges
  • Innovative hands-on training methods has brought excellent results
  • The Online Sketch Development is state-of-the art technology and improves students’ ability to understand and develop their inherent skills
  • All subjects are covered. Mock tests, exam papers, and study material are all constantly updated according to the latest exam requirement
  • Detailed feedback is given on all assignments

Many helpful choices for NID Entrance Exam preparation:

Package Package Description
Program Duration Mode of Teaching
2024 NID Crash Course 2024 NID Mains Crash Course Starts from 4th April 2024 Online
2025 Full Prep (Prelims + Mains) 2025 NID Full Prep (Prelims + Mains) 18 to 24 Months Online
2025 Prelims Only 2025 NID Prelims Only 18 to 24 Months Online
2025 Mains Only 2025 NID UG Mains Only (Studio Test & Portfolio) 12 to 18 Months Online Only
2025 Home Study Material (Online) 2025 NID Home Study Material (Online) Access till NID 2025 Online Only
2026 Full Prep (Prelims + Mains) 2026 NID UG Full Prep (Prelims + Mains) 24 to 36 Months Online
2026 Prelims Only 2026 NID Prelims Only 24 to 36 Months Online
2026 Mains Only 2026 NID UG Mains Only (Studio Test & Portfolio) 18 to 24 Months Online Only
2026 Home Study Material (Online) 2026 NID Home Study Material (Online) Access till NID 2026 Online Only

NID 2024 Studio Test Online Crash Course Schedule

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NID Mock Tests (Prelims & Mains)

NID Actual Past Papers

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Listen to what some of our students have to say:

    Ojas Mishra - NID 2022 AIR - 214
    Ahana Vijay - NID 2022 AIR - 213
    Srirama - NID 2022 AIR - 14
    Nikita Patwardhan - NID 2022 AIR - 9
    Ananya Mehandale - NID 2021 AIR - 13
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