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Preparing for NID DAT Mains (Studio Test) in 2022?

Over the last 15 years, 30% to 40% of DQ Labs students get final admission into NID’s. This is way above the national average of 2% to 3%.

Here is what we think is the reason for our success of our students.

    NID DAT Mains - Creating work for the Themes - QnA

    NID 2022 DAT Mains (Studio Test)

    Join DQ Labs if you are serious about preparing for NID DAT Mains (Studio Test) in 2022.

    The 2022 NID DAT Mains program at DQ Labs includes Studio Test, Portfolio Guidance, Material Handling, Audio Visual Round, Memory Tests, Story Illustration, Psychometric Test, Personal Interview, Previous Year Question Paper discussions, Master Classes, Group Activity, Observational Exercises etc.

    2022 NID DAT Mains package also includes : Aptitude, Sketching Videos, 12 Mock Tests, Practice Tests, 501 Questions, 13 Past Year Question Papers, Private Design School Preparation, 10 School Interactions 20 DQ Conversations & 10 Industry E-meets

    For more information on NID 2022 DAT Mains Coaching speak to us on the chat interface at the bottom of the screen or fill the DQ Labs Enquiry Form and our counsellors will call you back.

    What can DQ Labs Offer You?

    If you are serious, this is how DQ Labs can help you out - All classes are online.

    1. Material Handling Classes: These are live classes conducted by our expert faculty. Students can interact with the faculty and clear their doubts during the class. The classes include working with a range of materials including Paper, Cardboard, Fabric, Thermocole, Straws, Ice Cream Sticks etc. Personalized feedback is given to students and they are skilled sufficiently to reach the next level. Additional exercises may be given.
    2. Exam Readiness Classes (Mains): These are special classes to ensure that the student has a strong push nearer to the exam. These classes include Previous Year Question Papers, Master Classes by expert faculty, Interview Prep, Group Activities & Discussions, Audio Visual Round, Doodles, Observational Exercises and other possible areas.
    3. Portfolio Guidance: While Portfolio may or may not be required at NID's or IIT's, it is important that students work towards this. It gives them clarity and direction in how they want to present their thoughts and ideas. As part of this, we provide Digital Design Classes where students learn various software and digital skills. The also get expert guidance and feedback from our faculty. This helps them show a variation in their skills and also adds a professional touch to their portfolio.
    4. Preparation for Unexpected Situations: NID Mains is always unpredictable. Hence, students must be ready for surprises. They need to be familiar with Audio Visual Rounds,Interview Rounds, Group Discussions and other possibilities. These are planned ad hoc during the sessions given by DQ Labs
    5. Preparation for Private Design Schools: The comprehensive preparation for NID includes all preparatin required for any private design school across India like Srishti, UID, ISDI, MIT etc.

    NID 2022 DAT Mains Coaching Packages

    Package Package Description
    Program Duration
    Mode of Teaching Details
    2022 Mains Only
    2022 NID UG Mains Only (Studio Test & Portfolio)
    9 to 12 Months
    (Up to 180 Hours)
    Online or Classroom
    Rs. 20,000/-
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    What should you do to prepare for NID DAT Mains 2022 exam

    You can Smartly prepare to get into NID's and IIT's. Preparation goes beyond just sketching and aptitude. It is a mindset which the NID Selection panels are looking for. The tips below will help you get a huge advantage to your seat.

    1. Communicate - The ability to communicate abstract thoughts - is a key to being a designer. Simplify things that the regular Joe finds tough. Use sketching, sound, music, animation - whatever it takes to get your message across. Read a lot, Try sketching out what you read, try explaining this to someone unfamiliar through your sketches, art, graphics, illustrations, animations etc. See how you can simplify your communication.
    2. Exposure - You can't reach the ceiling if you don't know that it exists. Let the world not be your oyster. Look beyond. Dont limit yourself. Explore beyond your home, your surroundings, your city, your country - Look out for the best designs globally. Understand those designers and how they came up with solutions. Remember, simplicity is the toughest to achieve.
    3. Observe - Look up, Look around, Question fundamentals, Reinvent, Experiment - All these and much more are typical characteristics of a designer. You don't need a degree to do this. You just need to pay attention to your senses - see, hear, smell, taste, feel - but most importantly, listen to your soul. Start off with this - Recreate the good things that you see, break things up, fix things, remodel, reinvent and then innovate. If you go through this process, your design thought process will certainly improve.
    4. Believe in yourself - The NID admission panel wants aspirants who believe that they can make a difference through design. You need to show that you have what it takes. If you do the above - You are sure to believe in yourself.
    5. Skill Yourself - The NID Mains is a test conducted to get an idea about the creative imagination and capacity of a student to create an idea into reality.

    To know more call on 9591001000 or 9148271292

    Why should you work towards NID or IIT?

    Over the last 15 years, around 30% to 40% of DQ Labs students get final admission into NID’s or IIT’s.

    NID's and IIT's are the top design schools in India for the following reasons.

    1. NID’s and IIT’s (Design Departments) are the most Prestigious institutes in india to graduate with a degree in Design
    2. Students who get into these institutes, get access to the top Design faculty in India
    3. They also get the best projects from the Government of India and access to the top labs and infrastructure
    4. The exposure they get is to create an impact at a national or global level.
    5. This is why - if you are considering a degree in design, you need to graduate from the best institutes i.e. NID’s or IIT’s

    However, getting through to a design program at NID’s or IITs is really tough. Only about 2% to 3% of all applicants get through to these premiere institutes.

    NID 2021 Top Scorers from DQ Labs

    These are the DQ Labs NID 2021 Toppers. Your chances are the highest in clearing any of these exams as 60% of DQ Labs students clear NID Round 1, and 25% of those secured final admissions at NID's

    • Lakshya K
      Rank 01

    • Namitha Unnikrishnan
      Rank 04

    • Oshin Prem
      Rank 06

    • Sanskriti S Maity
      Rank 08

    • Arun P M
      Rank 09

    • Sai Niveditha M
      Rank 11

    • Prerana Kaushik
      Rank 13

    • Ashika Raj Kannery
      Rank 13

    • Ananya D Mehandale
      Rank 19

    • Saina Siri
      Rank 24

    • Anika Chouhan
      Rank 25

    • Niharika Vinuthan
      Rank 31

    • Nivedhana GN
      Rank 31

    • Ria Sanghavi
      Rank 38

    • Prisha Kendai
      Rank 48

    • Harshavardhan P
      Rank 62

    • Mehar Kohli
      Rank 62

    • Pragya Agarwal
      Rank 65

    • Srinidhi Sairamakrishnan
      Rank 65

    • Imaan Jahan
      Rank 76

    • Anika Jain
      Rank 76

    • Rohan Jenith R
      Rank 81

    • Radhika R
      Rank 88

    • Ragini Bidnur
      Rank 92

    UCEED 2021 Top Scorers from DQ Labs

    These are the DQ Labs UCEED 2021 Toppers. With just about 75 seats at all IIT's and IIIT's for Design, DQ Labs has many who have secured final admissions!

    The DQ Labs toppers attended Live coaching classes for UCEED in order to emerge as toppers

    • Harinarayan Krishnan
      Rank 4

    • Bala Krishna
      Rank 29

    • Amogha Margassery
      Rank 42

    • Minnati Sharma
      Rank 43

    • Mahima Prasanna
      Rank 66

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