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Do you Want to Crack NIFT PG in 2023?

Over the last 15 years, 40% to 50% of DQ Labs students get final admission into NIFT’s. This is way above the national average of 2%

Here is what we think is the reason for our success of our students.

What can DQ Labs Offer You?

If you are serious, this is how DQ Labs can help you out - All classes are online. NIFT PG 2023 Program offers

  1. NIFT Round 1 (CAT & GAT) : You have about 6 months left to master this. Learn fundamentals 1 class per week with our expert faculty over the next 3 to 4 months. Utilizes the remaining time for your revision, improvement and mock tests. This will help you with communicating your thoughts, creative thinking and Sketching.
  2. Case Study, Group Discussion & Personal Interview : You will have about 2 classes per week for Group Discussion and 2 classes per week for Personal Interview & 2 Case studies.
  3. Practice on DQ Edge : DQ Edge is the best learning platform in India to crack Fashion entrance exams like NIFT . It is structured to ensure you only study what you need to. This is why all previous NIFT toppers have used DQ Edge extensively. There are over 500 hours of content that you need to cover over the next 6 months.
  4. Watch YouTube : But not any random thing! Ensure you cover the most important tips and tricks by DQ Labs toppers in the past. You will get tips that help you out tremendously.

2023 NIFT PG Preparation Coaching Packages

Package Package Description
Program Duration
Mode of Teaching Details
2023 Full Prep (M.Des)
2023 NIFT PG M.Des Full Prep (Written Test + GD & PI)
9 to 12 Months
(200 Hours + 40 Bonus Hours)
Online or Classroom

Rs 35,000/- + GSTEnquire Now
2023 Crash Course (Long) (M Des)
2023 Crash Course (Long) - NIFT PG (M Des)
Oct 2022 Onwards
(105 Hours + 25 Bonus Hours)
Online or Classroom

Rs 20,000/- + GST Enquire Now
2023 Home Study Material (Online)
2023 NIFT PG Home Study Material (Online)
Access till NIFT 2023
Home Study - Online

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NIFT 501 Predicted Questions

Set 1 Set 2
Set 3 Set 4
Set 5 Set 6
Set 7 Set 8
Set 9 Set 10

NIFT Mock Tests

Free NIFT Mock Test 1 (Sample Paper) Free NIFT Mock Test 2 (Sample Paper)
Free NIFT Mock Test 3 (Sample Paper) Free NIFT Mock Test 4 (Sample Paper)
Free NIFT Mock Test 5 (Sample Paper) Free NIFT Mock Test 6 (Sample Paper)
Free NIFT Mock Test 7 (Sample Paper) Free NIFT Mock Test 8 (Sample Paper)
Free NIFT Mock Test 9 (Sample Paper) Free NIFT Mock Test 10 (Sample Paper)

What should you do to Crack NIFT PG in 2023?

  1. Skill Yourself - The NIFT written entrance examination is designed to test the knowledge, skill and aptitude of the candidates for the programme opted.
  2. Communicate - The ability to communicate abstract thoughts - is a key to being a fashion designer. Simplify things that the regular Joe finds tough. Use sketching or whatever it takes to get your message across. Read a lot, Try sketching out what you read, try explaining this to someone unfamiliar through your sketches, art, graphics, illustrations, animations etc. See how you can simplify your communication.
  3. Exposure - You can't reach the ceiling if you don't know that it exists. Let the world not be your oyster. Look beyond. Don't limit yourself. Explore beyond your home, your surroundings, your city, your country - Look out for the best designs globally. Understand those fashion designers and how they came up with solutions. Remember, simplicity is the toughest to achieve.
  4. Observe - Start off with this - Recreate the good things that you see, break things up, fix things, remodel, reinvent and then innovate. If you go through this process, your design thought process will certainly improve. Look up, Look around, Question fundamentals, Reinvent, Experiment - All these and much more are typical characteristics of a fashion designer. You don't need a degree to do this. You just need to pay attention to your senses - see, hear, smell, taste, feel - but most importantly, listen to your soul
  5. Believe in yourself - The NIFT admission panel wants aspirants who believe that they can make a difference through fashion and design. You need to show that you have what it takes. If you do the above - You are sure to believe in yourself.

Why Should you Work towards NIFT?

  1. NIFT’s are the most Prestigious institutes in india to graduate with a Masters degree in Fashion & Design.
  2. Students who get into these institutes, get access to the top Fashion & Design faculty in India
  3. They also get the best projects from top fashion design houses and fashion designers.
  4. The exposure they get is to create an impact at a national or global level
  5. This is why - if you are considering a Masters degree in fashion or design, you need to graduate from the best institutes i.e. NIFT’s.

However, getting through to a design or fashion program at NIFT’s is really tough. Only about 2% of all applicants get through to these premiere institutes.

Over the last 15 years, 40% to 50% of DQ Labs students get final admission into NIFT’s

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