PACKAGE F : One year course + Portfolio development - (Packages: C + E)

Studio Classes will take place at Bangalore, Pune, Chennai or Coimbatore

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F Portfolio development + Studio Test Preparation - Long term 1 Yr Online or Physical Classroomm Rs 60,000+ST Add to Cart

This is the most comprehensive package for preparing for the NID exam both the DAT part and the studio test with interviews.

"The Sketch Development Course" prepares you thoroughly for the sketching part of the NID Test.

The theory part of the test will help you with Mental Ability, English comprehension and General Knowledge

The portfolio development and studio test with interviews prepares you for the final round for entrance into the NID program

The comprehensive one year course will be completed in a duration of 140 hours which will be taught over a period of one year, It can be taken online or at any of the studio centers mentioned above

The one year course program helps the student absorb all concepts in detail over a period of time to help build a strong foundation to tackle the NID Design entrance exam

The portfolio development and the studio test preparation gives the student the edge over getting a seat in the NID program, most students tend to neglect this part of preparation which needs to be started as early as possible, It take time to create a good portfolio and be ready for the studio test. Our design faculty and alumni of NID and IIT have extensive experience in guiding students enhance their skills and present them best at their studio test level

The portfolio development helps with the following

  1. Help the student to understand where he/she presently stands in their level of portfolio
  2. It helps segregate their skill set levels and understand which areas they are strong in or which areas they need improvement
  3. They are taught the skills required in areas they need to improve on their portfolio
  4. They are guided to build an all round portfolio showcasing their skills sets and strengths
  5. A portfolio not just shows the students art strength, but showcases their sense of design and creative thinking

Art Skills

  1. Perspective 1, 2, 3 point, Bird's eye view, worms eye view
  2. Textures wood, metal, plastic, rubber, cloth, glass
  3. Lights and Shades
  4. Human and Animal Drawing
  5. Environments Humans in everyday activity
  6. Product Drawing

Creative Skills

  1. Understanding the intent of the questions asked
  2. Understanding the boundaries the question can be answered in
  3. Observation
  4. Creative thought processes and solutions

Mental Ability

  1. 2D, 3D orthographic projections, elevation, plan
  2. Mental ability – patterns, odd one out, paper folding, development of surfaces
  3. 3D objects visualization – oblique, vertical, horizontal surfaces, edges and vertices

General Knowledge

  1. Incontext with art, design, movies, music on with a domestic and international perspective
  2. Basic technology terms
  3. current affairs
  4. Guesstimation


  1. Incontext with art, design, movies, music on with a domestic and international perspective
  2. Basic technology terms
  3. current affairs

Portfolio development course structure

  1. Portfolio development is individual basis since each students strengths and skillsets vary
  2. Assessing the students present skills and work level
  3. preparing a path and plan for development of a portfolio
  4. training student in required areas
  5. developing and mentoring a the portfolio development showcasing strengths in different levels

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