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  • Personalized Mentoring and Study Strategy
  • Convenient Timings
  • With Intuitive online study material
  • Mock Tests, Past Year Question Papers, Topic wise tests
  • Clarify your doubts
  • College selction guidance
  • Parent Teacher Meeting

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Why DQ Labs

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How has DQ Labs past student performance been?

With a top score of 171 in NATA, DQ Labs has an innovative mix of Online Study Material, Books, Online Sketching Videos and Mock Tests has not only just taught students but given them a unique experience in terms of bringing out their creativity and out of the box thinking approach from within. These results can clearly be seen with its past students in the best institutes like CEPT, IIT's, IISc, NIFT and NID.

DQ Labs as a trend setter

DQ Labs was the first in India and a trend setter to start a unique online sketch development course dedicated purely for creative exams, with a one-to-one student to architect interaction. DQ Labs continues to lead with innovative teaching methodologies and approach.

The DQ Labs blogs have almost 1 million hits! This stands testimony to the commitment to being a leading coaching platform.

DQ Labs primary focus - Specialists in cracking Architecture and Design exams like NATA, NID, NIFT, UCEED and CEED

DQ Labs continues to primarily focus on Architecture and Design exams alone and is not diluted in its teaching ideology, thus giving students the best in creativity from the DQ Labs team.

Since when has DQ labs been in operation?

The founders of DQ Labs have been mentoring students to crack NID, NIFT & CEED since 1999. DQ Labs has been in existence ever since the inception of NATA in 2006. It is the Training Institute with a difference. The methods used differ from other Institutes in that they use innovative hands-on methods rather than just “teaching”. This pioneering method has earned excellent results so much so that other Institutes have borrowed the “learning method” and incorporated similar methods in their purview.

Who are the Faculty?

Experienced Architects and Designers that have passed out of IIT are at the helm of DQ Labs. The core DQ Labs team consists of Architects & Designers from various top colleges in India. They also have Indian and International professional experience at various global studios. They have successfully combined their resources and techniques to bring out the best in students and the results can be seen with the percentage of marks scored by the entrants year after year.

How does DQ Labs have the cutting edge over other Institutions that train for NATA and JEE Paper 2?

The Sketch Development Program is state-of-the art technology, being one of its kind that hones the skills of entrants; improves their ability to understand and develop their inherent skills. This course is as effective taken Online as taken in a classroom as our approach is always a One-Student-One-Instructor model thus providing undivided personal attention to students. With a host of training videos, blogs, study material and mock tests - you can be assured of the best from DQ Labs.

How does DQ Labs compare with other Institutes with relation to cost effectiveness?

A comparative study indicates a wholesome saving of nearly 50% as against other Training Institutes. The transformation is apparent and testimonials from thankful parents and students are available for reviewing.

DQ Labs has a range of study material packages from Free Study Material to Paid Packages starting from Rs. 4,500. These packages are designed to suit the needs of students.

DQ Labs is able to give you the best coaching, with the best mentors at an affordable cost!

Why would you choose DQ Labs over other Institutes?

Online coaching offered is hands-down experience from professionals who are dedicated to teaching and training entrants to excel at their work. All subjects are covered and sketches corrected with detailed feedback as seen in their website. Mock tests and exam papers are provided with timely up gradation. Areas covered are extensive and help students in the long run in their profession.

  • The One-Student-One-Instructor model always get the best out of the student for both Online or Physical Classroom models
  • The combination of Books, Online Study Material, Online Sketch Videos, Mock Tests and Unique Teaching methodology is the best available comprehensive training programme for any Architecture or Design Entrance Exam.
  • The quality of the instructors and mentors cannot be compared with any other institutes

Be that proud parent and make the right decision with DQ Labs – a cut above the rest!

For more information on NATA & JEE Paper 2 Online Coaching, speak to us on the chat interface at the bottom of the screen or fill the DQ Labs Enquiry Form and our counsellors will call you back.

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