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NATA Study Book Study Book Only (NATA + JEE Paper 2)
Aptitude + Sketching + 3 Evaluated Mock Tests
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NATA Study Book Details


Section 1 - Theme sketching

  • 1 point, 2 point, 3 point perspectives, ant’s eye, birds eye view, human eye view
  • Horizon lines, vanishing points
  • Quick doodling, shading, texturing, detailing
  • Human figure drawing in perspective
  • Observation, memory drawing, replication, creative combinations, visualization

Section 2 – 2D composition + 3D composition

  • Principles of design
  • Making use of unity, harmony, repetition, contrast, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance
  • Compositions with numbers, geometrical or organic compositions
  • Abstract compositions, logos, murals, graphic design
  • Making stable 3D compositions, sculptures
  • Combining forms and shapes

Section 3 - Freehand drawing

  • Basics of pencil – grades of pencils, holding a pencil, shading, pressure, quality lines strokes, textures, variation in lines
  • Replication, reducing, enlarging, mirroring freehand sketches
  • Drawing well proportioned and scaled human beings and objects

Section 4 – Colouring

  • Colour theory, colour wheel, basics of colour
  • Choosing colours – cool colours, warm colours, analogous colours, triadic colors
  • Uses and application of colours
  • Colour combinations
  • Using different colour mediums

Section 5 – Aesthetic sensitivity and Aptitude development

  • Elements of design, principles of design
  • 2D, 3D orthographic projections, elevation, plan
  • Mental ability – patterns, odd one out, paper folding, development of surfaces
  • 3D objects visualization – oblique, vertical, horizontal surfaces, edges and vertices

Section 6 – Architectural Awareness

  • History of Architecture
  • Architectural Buildings, monuments of importance
  • Architects and their works
  • Architectural terminology, commonly used materials and textures

Section 7 – English Vocabulary

  • Verbal reasoning and analogies, relationships, cause and effect
  • Antonyms, synonyms, frequency hit list

Section 8 – Mathematics

  • Basic list formulae
  • Subjective and objective mathematics
  • Question papers with answers
  • Note: Physics an Chemistry are not included as the syllabus is similar to class 11 & 12 state board curriculum.

Personalized Guidance

  • FREE sketch evaluation for 3 mock tests by DQ Labs Faculty
  • Sketches for evaluation to be uploaded on DQ Edge. Once uploaded, you need to send an email to [email protected] for sketch evaluation requests.

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