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How does one become an Architect in India?

The Council of Architecture (CoA) is charged with the responsibility to regulate the education and practice of the Architecture profession throughout India besides maintaining the register of architects.

To pursue an undergraduate program in Architecture (B. Arch) in India, there are 3 exams that one may target:

  1. NATA: To get admission into 400+ architecture colleges in India. This test is conducted by CoA. Universities that accept NATA scores include CEPT Ahmedabad, JJ School of Architecture Mumbai, RV College of Architecture Bangalore etc.
  2. JEE (Paper 2): To get admission into 20+ NIT's and other Centrally Funded Universities providing B. Arch programmes. Universities other than NIT's include School of Planning and Architecture(SPA) (Delhi, Bhopal & Vijayawada)
  3. JEE MAINS (Paper 1) + JEE Advanced (Paper 1 + Paper 2) + Architecture Aptitude Test(AAT): To get admission into 2 IIT's - Kharagpur and Roorkie which provide B. Arch Programmes.

In all the cases, students must have Mathematics and English as mandatory subjects in their 12th board exams. Students with a commerce background can also appear under NATA. For IIT's - Physics and Chemistry are also mandatory.

For more information on Architecture as a Career and the opportunities, the Creative Careers e-book has more information

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DQ Labs Students' Performance:

  • 2000 + Students scored above 120 in NATA
  • 6000 + Students in top Architectural Schools in India
  • Faculty from IIT,SPA and CEPT
  • Students among top 10 ranks in all states since 2007

Click below to view the evaluation of some of our students' work:

Student Artworks
  • demo1_1
  • demo1_2
  • demo1_3
  • demo1_4

View some of the DQ Labs Training Videos:

How are students ranked to get through B. Arch programmes in India?

  1. NATA: 50% of 12th Board score + 50% of NATA Score - Applicants will be given a state rank through which they can secure admissions to colleges in each state considering the reservation categories of that particular state.
  2. IIT JEE (Paper 2): For schools like SPA’s and NIT’s which take admissions only through JEE Paper 2, students must secure a minimum of 75% in their 12th board exams. Ranking is provided by each of the universities independently through which they can secure admissions considering the reservation categories
  3. IIT JEE + IIT Advanced + Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT): Ranking will be given based on students completing JEE-Mains + JEE-Advanced and AAT - Applicants will be given an All India Rank (AIR) through which they can secure admissions to universities considering the reservation categories

Download the 2019 brochures of NATA, JEE Main Paper 2 and JEE Advanced / AAT for more detailed information.

To check your JEE Paper 2 result Click Here

Architecture Entrance Exam Important Dates and Deadlines:

Exam Month / Date Application Deadline Application Link
JEE Mains Paper 2 Already announced - First attempt (8th Jan 2019) N.A N.A
JEE Mains Paper 2 Second attempt - To be announced (usually on 1st Sunday of April) 8th Feb 2019 to 7th March 2019 Apply Now
NATA 2019 14th April 2019 (1st Attempt) 24th Jan 2019 to 11th Mar 2019 (First attempt) Apply Now
NATA 2019 7th July 2019 (2nd Attempt) 24th Jan 2019 to 12th June 2019 (Second attempt) Apply Now

IIT JEE + IIT Advanced + Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT):

  1. Test Dates - JEE Mains: Expected in June 2019.
  2. Declaration of Results - JEE Mains: Official communication is yet to be anounced. The top 150,000 ranking candidates will be selected for JEE - Advanced
  3. Registration for JEE Advanced: Not yet officially announced
  4. Test Dates - JEE Advanced: 19th May 2019.
  5. Declaration of Results - JEE Advanced: Not yet officially announced
  6. Registration for AAT: Not yet officially announced
  7. Test Dates - AAT: Not yet officially announced
  8. Declaration of Results - AAT: Not yet officially announced

Target Scores or Ranks:

  1. NATA: A target score of 140+ is what students need to focus on to get a good rank in each state. At DQ Labs, our students target and achieve 150+. Our highest score achieved is 171!
  2. JEE (Paper 2): The ranking is conducted by JoSAA. In the past, the seats at SPA Delhi have closed out within the top 523 ranks. JEE Paper 2 (Architecture)-2018 Cut Off - Closing Ranks (General Merit)
  3. JEE Mains (Paper 1 + Paper 2) + JEE Advanced(Paper 1 + Paper 2) + Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT): The top 2,00,000 students who qualify for JEE Mains, are eligible to answer JEE Advanced. Those who qualify for JEE Advanced, are eligible to answer AAT.IIT Architecture (AAT) 2018 Cut Off - Closing Ranks (General Merit)

Structure of the Question Papers & Syllabus:

NATA 2019

Subject No of Questions Marks per Question Total Marks
Part A - Mathematics 20 2 40
Part A - General Aptitude 40 2 80
Part B - Drawing 2 40 80
Total 200

JEE Paper 2 (2019)

Subject No of Questions Marks per Question Total Marks
Mathematics - Part I 30 4 120
Aptitude Test - Part II 50 4 200
Drawing Test - Part III 2 35 70
Total 390

Architecture Aptitude Test

Subject Topics
Drawing Freehand drawing, Geometrical drawing
Aptitude Three-dimensional perception, Imagination and aesthetic sensitivity, and Architectural awareness

DQ Labs believes in encouraging the talents and nurturing them in the best way possible. For the same reason we bring to you our very own online portal; DQ Edge which has an array of topics, sample papers and test papers to choose from, in order to prepare better. You will also find detailed insights from our expert faculty (unique to each registered student) on topics that you learn online to target the best growth path for you.

Free NATA Sample Mock Test and JEE Paper 2 Question papers (Parts 1, 2 & 3) are available.

You could also check out the DQ Labs NATA and JEE Paper 2 information/FAQ's page for more information

Join the leading Coaching center in India with a faculty of Architects & Designers from IIT, CEPT and SPA

DQ Labs provides coaching for entrance exams of Architecture papers like NATA, IIT JEE Paper-II (B. Arch) and AAT and Interior Design papers for CEPT-SID / APIED, Civil Construction: CEPT-SBST : CEPT-Planning. To know more about DQ Labs click here.

All the DQ Labs study material and the teaching methodology for Architecture entrance preparation is a result of years of experience we have gained through mentoring thousands of Architecture aspirants at our design studios in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mangalore, and Thrissur. Students can witness tremendous improvement in their aptitude and skills under our mentor-ship. DQ Labs students exceptional results stand a testimony for the quality and individual attention we provide for each of our students.

In order to overcome physical barriers and reduce time and energy consumption during NATA exam preparations, we provide online learning platform, DQ Labs' very own product DQ Edge that covers all the topics necessary for NATA Preps. DQ Edge ensures that you learn at your own pace, from a location convenient to its students.

We also provide coaching for Design and Fashion Entrance Exams like NID, UCEED, NIFT and CEED.

View some of our featured students works:
Some of DQ Labs' Top scoring students:

  • Mrudhulaa CR
    NATA Score: 153

  • Neha Sarah Abraham
    NATA Score: 152

  • Devyani Ramamoorthy
    NATA Score: 147

  • Rishi Kumaran
    NATA Score: 147

  • Sumukh S
    NATA Score: 139

  • Ullas M
    NATA Score: 149

  • Aishwarya P Hegde
    NATA Score: 140

  • Melanie Mary Marshal
    NATA Score: 146

  • Aditi Gunna
    NATA Score: 140

  • Anushree Parkhi
    NATA Score: 144

  • Prakrithi P
    NATA Score: 135

  • Rithika Reddy R
    NATA Score: 132

  • Sanaya Sarah Jacob
    NATA Score: 140

  • Hrithik Shridhar

  • Sanjana Rao

  • Aditi Gangadhar

  • Veeranna K

  • Spandana

  • Vishruthi Sudhakar

  • Sriraksha Venkatrangan

  • Aarshia Chakraborty

  • Aditi

  • Skanda

  • Dhyan Kavan Lobo

  • Lakshmi Kandur

  • Bhumika Prakash

  • Amal Abraham

  • Bhumika N

  • Niharika K

  • Anu B

  • Swetha Ravichandran

  • Priyanka Jain

  • Rahul Raj

  • Rujul

  • Sahana Swamy

  • Sahil Mallya

  • Shashak

  • Shravya Nachappa

  • Spoorthi P Jain

  • Swarnavalli

  • Vibha Sriraksha

  • Neha

  • Rishi


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