2023 NID UG & UCEED Studio Test

Package Package Description
Program Duration Mode of Teaching Price
2023 Mains Only 2023 NID UG Mains Only (Studio Test & Portfolio) 18 to 24 Months
(280 Hours + 70 Bonus Hours)
Online Only Rs. 75,000/- + GST

Details of Mains Prep

Preparation for Mains is complex and needs focussed attention, time and effort. At DQ Labs, these classes may start from the beginning of the academic year. Students develop skills and familiarity with various materials. Students get Live Interactive Classes, Self Study Material with videos, exercises and access to work of previous students including toppers of previous batches.

  1. Material Handling Classes: These are live classes conducted by our expert faculty. Students can interact with the faculty and clear their doubts during the class. The classes include working with a range of materials including Paper, Cardboard, Fabric, Thermocole, Straws, Ice Cream Sticks etc. Personalized feedback is given to students and they are skilled sufficiently to reach the next level. Additional exercises may be given.

  2. Exam Readiness Classes (Mains): These are special classes to ensure that the student has a strong push nearer to the exam. These classes include Previous Year Question Papers, Master Classes by expert faculty, Interview Prep, Group Activities & Discussions, Audio Visual Round, Doodles, Observational Exercises and other possible areas.

  3. Home Study Material: Full Access to DQ Edge Self Study Material (Online) till the end of the academic year (generally June). Additionally, Sketching videos of sample drawing solutions are included to help accelerate student learning. The Award winning platform delivers to every student a personalized study strategy. It also gives the student a snapshot of their level of preparation. If used well, DQ Edge is a game changer in the success of every student.

  4. Portfolio Guidance: While Portfolio may or may not be required at NID's or IIT's, it is important that students work towards this. It gives them clarity and direction in how they want to present their thoughts and ideas. As part of this, we provide Digital Design Classes where students learn various software and digital skills. The also get expert guidance and feedback from our faculty. This helps them show a variation in their skills and also adds a professional touch to their portfolio.

  5. Prep for Unexpected Situations: NID Mains is always unpredictable. Hence, students must be ready for surprises. They need to be familiar with Audio Visual Rounds,Interview Rounds, Group Discussions and other possibilities. These are planned ad hoc during the sessions given by DQ Labs

  6. Private Design School Prep: Many students and parents opt for private design schools as back up / primary plan. It is recommended that students apply to at least 3 - 4 private design schools to keep options open. This course includes preparation for any private design school entrance exam in India including UID, ISDI, Pearl Academy, Srishti, MIT etc. Sometimes, parents and students need personalized guidance in choosing a private design school based on personal requirements such as budgets, locations, courses, faculty, brand, placements etc. The management of DQ Labs is open to such personalized guidance on request.

Bonus Sessions - Enhancing Passion & Exposure

These activities help build a students mindset and attitude. While students are focussed on exam preparation, DQ Labs believes that exposue removes barriers and boundaries. Interacting with professionals or actually working on live projects gives students a professional edge. We have received consistent feedback that DQ Labs students are toppers in their Undergraduate / Post Graduate programs

  1. DQ Labs Conversations: These conversaions happen once a week throughout the year. Here, various guest speakers are invited to give tips to students to make their preparation efficient. Topics range across Tips from Previous Year Toppers, Exam Approach Strategies, Exam Updates and Changes, Attitude Development etc.

  2. Design School E-Meets: This is an opportunity for every student to meet the managements of the top schools in India. Apart from just the academics, there is a philosophy and experience that each school offers. Managements of these institutes drive this philosophy. In these sessions, parents and students get to ask their questions on Philosophy, Management, Infrastructure, Fees, Timelines, Faculty etc. It is recommended that parents attend these sessions as well.

  3. Industry E-Meets: Interact with Professional Architects & Designers of National and Global repute. This series is created specifically to give ideas and create awareness of the opportunities that exist. Professionals also talk about their personal journeys and how they were able to capitalize on various opportunities to create their niche. Generally, 8 to 10 industry professionals are invited throughout the year.

Additional Opportunities - Live Projects & National Level Competitions

DQ Labs reaches out to various organizations to offer these opportunities to students. Students are expected to actively participate in these events to fuel their passion

  1. Design Hackathon: DQ Labs Design Hackathon is an National Level Inter-School Design Competition This happens every August and students of DQ Labs can opt to be a part of the organizing committee or participate in the event themselves. This way, they are able to work on their organizational and management skills which is very important for personal development as a budding architect.

  2. Designothon: This is a platform which helps NGO's get professional guidance for free from Professional Designers. The projects they may face could be from Graphic, Videos, Social Media, Packaging etc. Students of DQ Labs get to work with these Professional designers - an opportunity of immense proportions!

  3. Live Projects, Paid Internships & Competitions: There's nothing like working on Live Projects. Up to class 12, students really need to absorb as much as possible. Working with industry not only gives a student high level exposure, but also gives them professional experience that they can boast about on their portfolio. This way, they actually get to apply their concepts learnt to a real life project. Some of these are paid and some are free. But students get certificates for their work.