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"Good design is in all the things you notice. Great design is in all the things you don’t" - WIM HOVENS

"Designer" is a broad term which describes very few specialized individuals. Designers are problem solvers and like what Wim Hovens says, their work may or may not be noticed by the general population. The people behind "Great Designs" are a revered few.

Industry examples of companies affected by Design

  • Design Leaders like Apple Inc, Google, Fischer Price, Ferrari, Facebook etc. are global leaders in their own right because of a strong focus on Design
  • Design Transformers like Mahindra, Samsung etc. have used "Great Design" concepts to transform public perception of their products and services
  • Design Thinkers from Citrix, Forbes, Infosys etc. have inculcated Design Thought Process in Techies, Engineers and MBA's across all organization levels
  • Companies like Nokia, Yahoo, Orkut etc. have lost their competitive edge because they were unable to keep pace with the design innovation

Design in short is a highly effective thought process directed towards problem solving. In the recent past, the emphasis on design is making or breaking the fortunes of companies.

DQ Labs Students' Performance:

  • 200+ DQ Labs Students selected in NID
  • 500+ Students selected by other top design schools in India
  • 40+ students selected to top design schools in the US, UK, Europe and Singapore
  • Faculty from NID, IIT's, NIFT's and visiting Industry Professionals

Click below to view the evaluation of some our students' work:

Student Artworks
  • demo1_1
  • demo1_2
  • demo1_3
  • demo1_4

View some of the videos created by DQ Labs:

Path to become a Designer

One can become a designer at an undergraduate level and a post graduate level. So if you miss the bus at an undergraduate level - all is not lost!

Career Path

Design Exams to prepare for & Universities to Target:

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