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PACKAGE C: NID DAT Advanced Preparation

Package Description of Study Material
NID & Other design entrance exams
Duration Mode of teaching Price Add to Cart
C NID DAT / UCEED Advanced Preparation
Sketch Development Course (Advanced Assignments) + Theory Class + NID Home Study Pack (Package A) + 501 Questions
2019-20 Online or Physical Classroom Rs 45,000 + GST Add to Cart

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The NATA DAT Advanced Preparation Course is ideal for those who have 2 months to a year for preparation for the NID UG / PG Entrance exam. The course entitles you to preparation on various topics required as well as a broad spectrum of basic and advanced assignments are given

Package C Summary:

  • Sketch Development - Advanced
  • Creative Thinking - Advanced
  • Theory Classes
  • 7 Study Books
  • Question Banks and Image Banks
  • 10 online NID DAT Mock Tests + 5 SID mock tests with answers (Note NID mock tests are relevant to all other Design schools other than SID and UCEED)
  • Access to over 150 drawing Videos

Package C Details:

The following is taught in the NID DAT Advanced Preparation Course:

  • The Advanced Sketch Development course prepares you thoroughly for the sketching part of the NID Test
  • Studio Classes can be taken online or at Bangalore, Pune or Chennai
  • The theory classes prepares you for the mental ability, English comprehension and General knowledge part of the NID test
  • The Advanced Preparation Course will be completed in a duration of 2 months to 12 months
  • The Advanced Creative Thinking classes exposes you to multiple approaches to creative solutions.

Package A Details:

  • 10 online NID DAT Mock Tests + 5 SID mock tests with answers (Note NID mock tests are relevant to all other Design schools other than SID and UCEED)
  • 10 NID Studio test question papers
  • Design related problems
  • Art related questions
  • Mental and spatial ability
  • English reading comprehension
  • General Knowledge
  • Image banks on design related questions

Answer the questions and check them for mistakes, get feedback on your strong and weak points in different sections and how you can go about improving your performance.

Study Books:

  • Section 1: Sketching
  • Section 2: 2D composition + 3D composition
  • Section 3: Freehand drawing
  • Section 4: Colouring
  • Section 5: Aesthetic sensitivity and Aptitude development
  • Section 6: Creative thinking + Solved questions for design problems

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