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PACKAGE A: Full Online Study Material + Study Books - 7000 Rs

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A Full Online Study Material (Question Banks + Mock Tests + Image Banks + General Knowledge) + Study Books 2019-20 Self Study Pricing as per DQ Edge Log in
Note: Mock tests relevant to NIFT, Pearl, MIT, SID will be provided in the online study material

The Full online study material consists of the following,

  • 10 online NIFT GAT and CAT
  • 10 NIFT Situation test question papers
  • Design related problems
  • Art related questions
  • Mental and spatial ability
  • English reading comprehension
  • General Knowledge
  • Image banks on design related questions

Answer the questions and check them for mistakes, get feedback on your strong and weak points in different sections and how you can go about improving your performance.

The study books consists of the following,

Section 1 - Sketching

  1. 1 point, 2 point, 3 point perspectives, ant’s eye, birds eye view, human eye view
  2. Horizon lines, vanishing points
  3. Quick doodling, shading, texturing, detailing
  4. Human figure drawing in perspective
  5. Observation, memory drawing, replication, creative combinations, visualization

Section 2 – 2d composition + 3d composition

  1. Principles of design
  2. Parent's Name
  3. Postal Address with pin code
  4. Phone / contact number
  5. Date / Approximate date of answering your test
  6. DD number and bank details or Bank Transaction ID or deposit details
  7. Scanned passport size photograph of the student

Section 3 - Freehand drawing

  1. Basics of pencil – grades of pencils, holding a pencil, shading, pressure, quality lines strokes, textures, variation in lines
  2. Replication, reducing, enlarging, mirroring freehand sketches
  3. Drawing well proportioned and scaled human beings and objects

Section 4 –Colouring

  1. Colour theory, colour wheel, basics of colour
  2. Choosing colours – cool colours, warm colours, analogous colours, triadic colors
  3. Uses and application of colours
  4. Colour combinations
  5. Using different colour mediums

Section 5 – Aesthetic sensitivity and Aptitude development.

  1. Elements of design, principles of design
  2. 2D, 3D orthographic projections, elevation, plan
  3. Mental ability – patterns, odd one out, paper folding, development of surfaces
  4. 3D objects visualization – oblique, vertical, horizontal surfaces, edges and vertices

Section 6 – Creative thinking + Solved questions for design problems

  1. Solutions for creative thinking and observation like use of everyday objects, making objects using shapes, zooming in exercises etc.
  2. Solutions for design problems like storyboarding, graphic and poster related problems, exploded and cross sectional views etc.
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