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DQ Edge - Accelerate Learning

At DQ Labs, we spend a lot of time & effort to see how we can mentor our students to Accelerate Learning.

We have found that Technology is a great platform, if it enables our faculty to teach better and enables our students to learn faster.

We use a combination of tools for this

  • Classroom Learning
  • DQ Edge - Self Study Material (Student Driven)
  • DQ Edge - Faculty Insights (Faculty Driven)
  • Webinars - Online Classes
  • Books
  • Career Guidance along the way

DQ Edge is a learning platform that helps students prepare for creative entrance exams, from the comfort of their own home.

Exams that are catered to are NID, UCEED, CEED, NIFT, FDDI, NATA & JEE Paper 2

DQ Edge is hosted on the Xamplay Edutech Platform which is the winner of the 2019 NASSCOM Design4India Award

DQ Edge

Students on DQ Edge have secured admission into the top Design, Fashion and Architecture Schools in India and Globally.

What you will find on DQ Edge:
  1. Learn Content -This section contains the Theory for all Subjects organized in a simple and effective manner. You will find the Design Sketching subject very interesting.

    • You will find theory, quizzes, videos, explanations etc.
    • All topics covered including – Sketching, Aptitude, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, General Awareness etc

  2. Practice Tests -This section helps you evaluate your learning. There are various tests - subject wise, chapter wise and full length mock tests. You will find the personalized suggestions the most interesting feature in this section

    • Past Year Question Papers, Mock Tests, Practice Questions, Topic wise questions, Predicted Questions
    • Personalized suggestions for all students – Topics to study in terms of priority

  3. Sketch Development – The idea is to help a student understand their own level of sketching and match it with the expectations of their faculty. If they share the same understanding, then the student will realize where they need to improve themselves. The results are outstanding!

    • All sketches to be evaluated online by students themselves, Expert Faculty & Peer Group
    • View peers sketches for the same topics

  4. Webinars - Online Classes DQ Labs is the first coaching institute in India which used to organize online classes for their students. We pioneered the online sketch development program in 2007 to guide students to the best of their abilities.

    • Full programs - 1 or 2 Academic year programs - classes multiple times a week
    • Fast Track Programs - Multiple programs ranging from 2 to 21 days depending on various student objectives

  5. Apply to Colleges -

    • An entire list of Private design schools that you can consider
    • Connect with the schools directly and let them know you are interested

  6. Discuss / Articles / Events / -

    • Discuss - Ask your questions in a forum and get your answers from peers and experts
    • Articles - Blogs that give you information on various topics related to design, fashion and architecture
    • Events - Live Webinars, Register for workshops etc. These could be free or paid

Some Toppers who have found DQ Edge to be useful:

  1. Mohena Nagar
  2. Anmol Venkatesh
  3. Sirigowri Kambalimath
  4. Logasrinivasan

What you can prepare for on DQ Edge:

This is the best resource for all students preparing for the following exams:

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