National Design Schools to Consider:

NID Ahmedabad


NID Haryana


NID Assam

Choosing a Design School Parameters

Parameters to consider for when choosing a Private Design School

Set 1
  • Location - Opportunity for Internships / Guest Faculty
  • Fee Structure - See whats affordable
  • Degree / Diploma - Authority
Set 2
  • Head of the institute / Philosophy of the institute - Defining parameter
  • College Brand - Network
  • Infrastructure - Creative environment
Set 3
  • Faculty - Industry Professionals / Academicians
  • Placements

Recommended Private Design Schools to Consider:

Other Institutes of National Importance:

All colleges have a 3 stage admission process - Design Aptitute Test (DAT), Studio Test & Interview with Portfolio review. So applicants must have a holistic approach to their preparation.

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